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Friday, 2 December 2011

The game is on!

Well, I have Rodvik's attention now. Isn't it great when one small 'amateur' voice can transcend the great void of global communications and force others to action! Now he has worked out that I am not going to go away he is taking steps to mitigate my influence upon the operation he controls and the way in which it presents itself to current and potential customers. Having been conned into responding to a post by an alt set up for just that purpose (I had thought he might rise to the bait of the U3A post highlighted below, but it probably didn't last long enough for him to see it) he has now not just had removed the alt's posts from that thread, but has also had removed his own post, which embarrassingly for him, condoned my sense of humour, that very sense of humour which got Pep banned by the humourless mods.

It would never do for residents to think that the CEO appreciated British sardonic observations, in contravention of the unwritten sections of the Guidelines distributed (probably in English, Spanish, Polish and Vallese) by Amanda to protect over-sensitive little flowers who run crying to Mommy when a nasty big boy points out that the world does not revolve around them. You see, I KNOW that Rodvik gets it. I can understand that he has to put a public face on to keep the board happy, but underneath he is sympatico with my agenda, if not the bloody nuisance my methods are creating for him personally because he does not have staff with the competence to deter me from my campaign, nor the technical muscle to change stuff on the fly (that doesn't work in the way it should, anyway) to isolate the Second Life world from guerrilla unmarketing.

I am sure that the last thing that Rodvik wants is for a large segment of the more intelligent, active and vocal of his customers to rise up in a "Virtual Spring" because a part of their world has been corrupted by a series of unthinking and unsympathetic marketing wonks who do not have a clue about LL's USP: that the product is what the customers generate, NOT the technological infrasturucture that LL support and pay for. Anybody in their right mind, who has seen the furore caused by indignant security fetishists following their IPs capture, with the fallout raining on the Bloodlines pyramid scheme, would have realised that a SpampireFest was NOT the best way to initiate promotional events in the forums. The principle was good (still is, even if the Games event has been largely ignored except by the games suppliers) the execution abysmal, but then, that's LL marketing for you. And the launch of Rod's new initiative "Game Within a Game" has disappeared beneath the antiPR that Viale and his "Linden Lab" gestalt identity (probably Kim's timebomb she left ticking) have created.

But back to the narrative. Having eventually woken up to Rik's status as my alt (the moderators were completely unaware of that until I posted as such, which makes me feel confident in my cloaking operation; I might post a tutorial on that should anyone else want to create alts with access to LL properties without let or hindrance) Rodvik also realised that the Profile Feeds were being contaminated by truth and turned off his own for a while until the disturbing posts had been removed. He obviously had not been previously advised by Viale, the guy responsible for promoting use of the Profiles for Facebookalike feed-based communication, who has his Profile tied down so tight that no-one except Magic Linden can converse with him.

Now Rod has his feed back on, in Advertising Mode, that recommended for inworld spammers who want to promote their goods 'legitimately' on the Trending feed by setting their feed read to 'Everybody' and feed write to 'Friends' only. Since you can "love" yourself, it only requires one alt to "love" your ad and the AI (Artifical Idiocy) selection protocol picks it up and puts it into the "Trending" feed - and there is no charge! You can even put images of your products up now. Don't forget to include the price.

So what now? I have checked and all the rest of my alts are able to access and post to the forums, but the kids have a day off school and I have my chauffeur's cap on so I think I shall give Rodvik a free Friday to contemplate what he might salvage from the situation. An apology to Void might start the ball rolling. Celestiall got one, albeit from a fake/non-existent marketing entity, but I have a feeling it will take a more personal approach than that to persuade the most helpful scripter ever seen in the forums to return.

The there is the weekend, when our Polish mod, Joanna Gangbang, is usually on duty, and if she has a sense of humour her semi-literacy in English camouflages it most effectively. Perhaps, if Rodvik doesn't give some indication of his willingness to review the situation QUICKLY my alts might have some fun.

Pep (is enjoying this)


  1. The term RikRolled comes to mind. Beware of YouTube links in any of the Pep & et al posts;-) o.O

  2. Well, that did not last long, now did it. Do you suppose a specific someone reads this blog?

  3. I hope they do, Argus! This whole campaign has had the hidden agenda of getting lots of people to click through on all the adverts I have on my blog . . .

    Pep (has a few more exploits up his sleeve; think of it as a very annoying variety quickchange act; my friends will be able to spot me, but the moronic mods won't.)

  4. /me passes Pep a Nick Lowe outfit and a hammer for the glass;-)