"There is no amount of pretty in the world that can cover a venomous heart."

Ah, the irony! Rhonda Huntress said that, and she also said:

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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Rik Rolar? Get it?

The mods didn't, permabanning poor Rik without warning for "spamming YouTube videos".

They removed all his posts too, so here are a couple for posterity:

The YouTube link?

Pep (is busy this weekend)


  1. Too bad Rik couldn't Roll With The Changes, eh? All that Glitters is not gold, but may be silver or spandex ;-)

  2. Ahahaha! @ Lee's "Peptide" title. Oh, I've glanced at the SLF and have caught one or two or so of your offspring before they get deleted. You are cracking me up. I see a few by my doppelganger as well. ALL of you guys are cracking me up. I don't feel the need to join in but the occasional stroll down the silly path is fun.