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Thursday, 1 December 2011

A response to Rod in the "Negativity" thread

(This was posted in a forum thread, now rendered incoherent by deletion of posts, about negativity in the Profile Feeds - yet another bug in alpha software - where Rodvik was NLPd into responding to one of my alts, unfortunately - for him - making a careless spelling error then exhorting others to post carefully. Ironic? Not in the correct sense of the word - but the story continues . . .)

Don't you love it when that happens!

I'm pretty sure that Pserendipity (Pep) Daniels would be pointing out that such errors, caused by simple laziness or impatience - the poster can't be bothered to use the built-in forum editor spellchecker - demonstrate a lack of care for other residents and a disregard for the communications values which indicate a respect for potential participants.

This would apply particularly to the CEO.

In fact, I'm pretty sure that Pep would be pointing this out because Rik is his alt, an identity Pep has been forced to don because he was permabanned by the moderators, presumably acting under Amanda Linden's legacy instructions (as admitted by a moderator in a private message) not to allow a sense of humour interfere with their arbitrary imposition of discipline upon posters who do not follow the party line in complete synchronicity. Those poor benighted moderators, apparently selected by their semi-literacy in multiple languages, perhaps struggling to cope with polysyllabic postscripts they possibly perceive as potentially pejorative posts, misinterpreted as spam three very similar posts by Pep in the Role-playing forum bemoaning the fact that his memory was dwindling in his old age (the thread was about "mature" avatars) making a joke that was also imbued with satire regarding the officially condoned spamming of the Vampire subforum with multiple posts that were very similar and added little to the library of humanity's knowledge.

I presume that acknowledging this flagrant beach of the Tos/Guidelines will earn Rik a permaban too, but LL's inability to curb an amateur nuisance like Wasted, to say nothing of the programme spammers who are perpetually recurring, make it likely that the Hydra will grow further heads until Pep's case is reviewed and he is reinstated. Or something bad happens.

I'd love to think that you would read this Rod, and instigate a review of not just Pep's treatment, but that of the much more valuable Void Singer, as well as other forumites who have suffered, in Lexie's absence, at the hands of the moderators under the direction of Marc Viale Linden in a failing attempt to protect from publicly noticeable opprobium his disastrous initiatives to marketise the forums with no prior consultation, as well as his ridiculous decision to make the Adult Forum public, subject to a General classification that effectively renders it pointless.

I'd love to think that, but the moderators will probably delete the post without calling it to your attention, as they do anything remotely contentious, however positively intended.

If you want to call a ceasefire to negotiate a cessation of hostilities (which might mean that you may also receive less - albeit meaningless - disapprobation for your picture postings in your Profile Feed) then I am contactable at pserendipitydaniels@gmail.com . Don't send a gestalt menial (yes, I am talking about the weasel-wordy Linden Lab) to discuss terms though, as I will send him/her/it back as enough sandwich-filling to feed everyone at the next brown-bag lunch that the headless Marketing Function convene to decide how to drag LL further into the mire. If Lexie is now back at her desk then I am quite happy for her to act as a mediator, though.

Rik (doesn't generally use parenthetical postscripts.)

Pep (does though)


  1. I wrote it on SLF. I wrote it on FC. I gave 'love' on SLum.
    Wow wee, what a post.

  2. I actually don't personally really care that much about about getting Pep reinstated. He wasn't posting in the forums before this thingall blew up and would probably retire again after it goes away -assuming he was given any choice in the matter! Much more inmportant is to get Void an apology, and to reestablish some sort of civilised order in the Community, which means getting rid of Viale's pathetic attempts at turning the forums into a yard sale and eliminating the ridiculous disciplinary actions that he provoked. I am sure that if someone consulted with the Community about how events might be instigated then we could all have some fun promoting different aspects of SL life in a constructive and positive way.

    Pep (isn't hopeful though)