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Thursday, 17 November 2011

SL to be renamed SimL?

Unsurprisingly, given his background, Rod seems to be focusing on bringing a Disnified gamesplaying perspective to the growth of SL, attempting to attract and retain those who seem to think that online community participation means growing their field of wheat high enough to sneak through and kill the owners of the neighbouring farm, or whatever they do on the Facebook version of WoW. I thought my mate Rudi's take on the matter was amusing.:

Why do you need formal * games in * SL? Go play * Scrabble or SimFarm on * Facebook if you want to derive some sort of * pleasure out of  * competing with others on * trivial matters. If you want to meet new * people from around the * world, and * kill them, join your * Armed Forces or play * WoW. * life is a game, and * SL is a * subset of life, so it's a * game itself. One in which you can * play much more sophisticated * mind games and not get * hurt yourself, because you get to make up the * rules, and there are thousands of * weak and naive players that you can * practise on, before you * level up and take on the * big guns in the psychological * warfare here in the * forums, as the * Lindens are currently discovering. *** Rudi ***

Pep (thinks it makes more sense with the line breaks removed, don't you?)


  1. Surely if SL is anything it's a platform. I've never ever really been able to better define it to my friends than that. They say it's a game, 3d chat site, artists play area etc and they are right insomuch as they are all those things bundled together.

    A game in SL is no more a definition of SL than any other activity that occurs there, just something else to add to the mix and the attraction.

    And somebody is missing a trick and not getting licenses to market popular games like Scrabble in SL. Hell you could even build and stay in the hotels in an SL Monopoly and the BDSMers would all be pleading to go to jail.

  2. Now, wouldn't an SL-wide virtual "Monopoly-style" theme be a killer for a Treasure Hunt!

    Pep (knows it is too complex for LL to take on board.)

  3. Pep (knows it is too complex for LL to take on board.)

    I see what you did there! :)

    PS. Still tapping foot here!