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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Headless Chicken?

It appears that I was correct in deducing that Kim Salzer is now Linden Lab's EX-Marketing VP. Her LinkedIn entry consigns LL clearly to the past and she has been removed from the LL management structure page. I suppose it is in line with LL's unMarketing policy that negative PR does not get published, although I am surprised that Rod has not tried to bury it under the "good news" that SL is being turned into a games platform, with added vampires.

Since LL's Marketing has always been a virtual function, you might think that it doesn't really matter; the problem is that in the power vacuum the ambitious incompetents tend to try to take advantage of the lack of supervision, and their public failures put you in check, and it's difficult to sweep the pawns from the board after you have lost your queen, without conceding the game.

Yes, it seems that the tongue tied Marc Viale Linden (no, he's not an ESLer, just a very poor communicator, which is an albatross around the neck of someone who claims an expertise in "Social Integration" in his LinkedIn entry) has stepped up to the plate, and has already struck out, vampires, bans and rudeness to his customers at official community meetings being only three overt examples of his inadequacy - hell, he is making a bigger fool of himself than Amanda did in a tenth of the time! How long will Rod put up with him before he's on gardening leave too.

Speaking of which, I can't see Lexie returning; why would she want to exacerbate her poorliness by exposing herself by association with the current bunch of losers in the marketing function?

Pep (has the time for these thoughts and research now he is excluded from official involvement)

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  1. I would like to see Lexie return however she better understands the internal politics of LL and what she personally requires in her RL now.

    I hardly think that Viale was 'dumped' into the middle of CTUG last week. In his 'I am Community' role he would keep abreast of resident issues raised in SLF and, most certainly, the agenda for that meeting.

    ...one would hope...

    That he exhibited no awareness or knowledge of these issues and the agenda shows a blatant disinterest in things he is supposed to be interested in.

    It was appropriate to raise these things to Rod. I am also aware that we should not continue to hammer at Rod with every issue. We have raised important ones and offered suggestions. That is all we can do.