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Monday, 21 November 2011

Ask a stupid question . . .

The Lindens are not the sharpest pencils in the writing case are they? Rudi's just pointed (see what I did there) this out to them succinctly:

Xiola Linden wrote:
Hello all,

I've met some of you in world and I am looking forward to getting your input on ways to flesh out [sic] the Adult Content Forums. I wanted to put a thread in this area to get more feedback on the categories that you would like to suggest for this area of the forums. We want to keep the categories broad enough that they may cross-pollinate audiences who are interested in content that may not be super niche - so please keep that in mind with your suggestions, but do share  your category suggestions in this thread.
Thanks all!

How about ***bleep*** or ***bleep***? Or maybe ***bleep*** ***bleep*** and ***bleep*** ***bleep*** ***bleep*** might give a better indication of the content. If that is too specific then perhaps ***bleep*** ***bleep*** or ***bleep*** ***bleep*** might be the sort of thing that would work.

ETA: Did you realise that this question has already been asked here: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Adult-Content-Feedback/Adult-Content-Forum-Category-Suggestions-T...
We wouldn't want you to be accused of spamming the forums with your first post, would we?

Pep (would point out that Xiola is new, but claimed in the Adult User Group Meeting to have "followed the forums") 

PS That probably means she is an ex-moderator; best of luck Adults . . .


  1. I lol'ed when I read 'flesh out the Adult Content forums'.
    I wonder when the rest of us will be asked our opinions?
    Or, do you think that someone was listening?

  2. Xiola must be a hand-picked favorite of Viale. Viale's marketing motto: if you can't dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bull****. He fails at both.

  3. Since 2 of your readers have already mentioned what struck me, which was the "flesh out the Adult Forum..." comment, I have to wonder if that was intentional on Xiola's part. If it was, it would show him/her to be a little more intelligent than most of the Lindens and capable of basic humor. Why do I think that it was done in total oblivion?

  4. This isn't a rhetorical question. Why, since LL seems intent upon just fucking up the SLF, why does anyone still bother? I'm serious. What good has all of the members working with LL accomplished? None of the work seems to be in good faith by LL.

    I understand very well why there are a lot of people wanting the SLF to return to a state of community, no matter how dysfunctional it was, that some of the older versions had. That isn't happening despite the best efforts of many.

    LL seems to want to make the SLF into both a SL Answers forum and a pandering forum to special interest (vampires, adults, next-hot-deal). The format is difficult to manage. The moderation stinks, as always, just in different ways. LL shows no regard from people who have spent a lot of time trying to work WITH them.

    So, I'm curious. I don't know if this is the place to voice this curiosity but I don't know where else to "stick it" (smiles sweetly).

    Can't all this energy that is being spent gnashing of the collectives' teeth be better spent by, I dunno, curing the Euro debt crisis or fixing USA's unemployment or reducing the parking costs that I pay to go to work?

  5. @CiCi: I doubt if Xiola has done anything intentionally for some considerable time, even given the tiniest of insights thus far into what is (not) happening in her "brain".

    Pep (is unimpressed by Lindens being either ignorant or lazy, as well as stupid in not spelling words correctly and not using the spellchecker.)

    PS They are supposed to be corporate representatives; are you surprised the code is buggy?

  6. "LL shows no regard from people who have spent a lot of time trying to work WITH them."

    I made one of my rare typos in my post. (sarcasm)

    That should read "LL shows no regard to people...". Subtle difference, eh?

  7. @L I can answer that several ways. First, I don't consider the grass to be greener anywhere else: SLU, gV, SC2, they are all horrors (to me.)

    I bother with SLF because I care. Color me sentimental, but I won't give up the ship so easily. I let Prok fight the injustices in the world while I fight for the forum and the right for him (and everyone else) to have an uncensored voice.

  8. @Storm: I agree, there is no other public forum for SL that is anything other than crap. A few, like CAC, can be ok, but they are not public. So I recognize the potential "need" or at least a desire for such a thing.

    I recently waxed nostalgic in email with the blog owner here about the sentimental wistfulness for the "before time."

    But what has all your work, along with that of others (I don't think you've been fighting this single-handedly)gotten you? That's a sincere question as I have studiously NOT been paying close attention. What Net Positives have you reaped since the inception of the Lithium format? As a casual observer, I don't see any. When is it time to say, "It is their forum, their content, their format and their plans (ha!) don't match those of the forum community" and move on?

  9. L there are many, many others. I am far from alone - sometimes we all speak as one which makes it hard to distinguish that there are many.

    I will give you one net positive of late...perhaps the greatest positive I can identify; *we* got the voice of Celestiall back. So please don't tell me our efforts have not paid huge dividends. I feel like the residents of SL won a tremendous victory; albeit not the war, but sweet, and right none-the-less.

    These are just a handful of *others* (and I emphasize handful)
    Even Maddy stood tall at the CTUG.
    It is *our* forum. All other fora originate from there.

    Come join us.

  10. @Storm:
    The list was nice but unnecessary. As I said, I realized you were not acting alone.

    You cited getting Celestiall BACK as a Net Gain. I don't see that. I see that horrible moderation had her permabanned for speaking a simple observation. She was reinstated. That is a Net "Wash." In the process several others were banned or suspended, also for speaking opinions. Net Loss. The reasons why there were the bannings and suspensions — complaints, the creation of sub-forums for dubious reasons, poor moderation, lack of transparency in the moderation process, and several other things — all are Net Losses. My opinion Storm, I see nothing gained for all the hard work of people trying to work with LL.

    Since the beginning I periodically stop in there (and posted with Seicher) to see who is posting what. I find it is mind-numbingly banal and insipid.

    I don't see it as *our* forum. It is LL's forum and they are making that distinction abundantly clear.

    In order to join you I would have to both be interested enough to do so and post with my new avatar. No thank you. Apparently *some* of you are still bent on alt hunts and can find them where they do not exist. Apparently I post in such a "unique" way that if I posted on SLF my new avatar would be spotted in a heart-beat, Lord knows people who are NOT me were spotted as OMG SR! in a heart-beat. There's no way in hell I want my new avatar tainted with SLF shit. It was hard and expensive to burn Seicher, I'm not doing it with another avi. The recent OMG ALT! nonsense was proof that that mentality, obsession, idiocy and meme will not die and as long as that is the case there is nothing that would compel me to post and certainly what the SLF has to offer doesn't come close to tempting.

    You and I have widely different view points on the SLF. That's ok. I was hoping to hear from some others as well because I don't think you speak for everyone. I also don't want to hijack Pep's blog (hahahaha! as if he'd let THAT happen!). (I happen to think Pep would make a great moderator in a forum.)

    Thanks for sharing your views here. (no sarcasm, sincere)

  11. "I happen to think Pep would make a great moderator in a forum."

    Pep (thinks THAT's going to happen soon - NOT!)

  12. @L: I think you answered your own question... "Why, since LL seems intent upon just fucking up the SLF, why does anyone still bother?"... with "there is no other public forum for SL that is anything other than crap."

  13. Seeing you write in the format, "(thinks THAT's going to happen soon — NOT!)" is as shocking as it would be to learn that you are a fan of Justin Bieber.

    Yes, you would make a great moderator. No, I'm not holding my breath for that event.

    PS. I'm being chatty because I'm protesting the unfair working conditions The Man has imposed so I have become the world's slowest moving employee today. Seriously! Even slower than that grocery bagger at the store down the street from you! I'm anxious to read what happens to Arya in then next chapter of A Feast for Crows...But I digress from whatever point it was that might have been in here somewhere, lurking.

    PPS LOL, captcha = numbutti

  14. I have returned to this blog post/comments late and I wanted to comment on L's statement: "I was hoping to hear from some others as well because I don't think you speak for everyone."

    SLF is my home, too. I have tried a couple of other fora. Perhaps I did not try them enough but I do not think so. SLF has a regular influx of new residents posting. Some post once to get a question answered; some stick around awhile.

    There are many new voices that have emerged since Lithium came online. I like most of them. The best thing is that 99% of the content is SL-centric. I wonder about fora where a good number of posters never go inworld anymore. I love being inworld. SLF is all about the 'inworld'.

  15. @ Griffin: I get your point. I agree with it, too, to a point. Does this mean I'm just agreeing with myself since your point was made using my quotes? Oh, I'm so confused! :)

    @ Venus: I also "get" the SLF being SL-centric and that IS important. I don't begrudge them that. From what I've seen though that makes the place mostly one-hit-wonders in the posting with "how do I find my inventory?" questions, which btw, most people never bother to write back and say, "Thanks for the help!" which drives me nuts but is neither here nor there.

    New voices are good, if they can be heard through the idiot moderation. So vanity threads, where do I?, how do I?, and so on, posts are valid if that is they type of forum they want. To my mind that is a SLA format, not really so much of a forum.

    But I also see people, the "users" beating their collective heads against the wall. They have a vision (or two, or three?) of how the SLF should work, especially in the more "general" areas. From what I can see LL is deaf, or hears and then does the opposite. Wanting and wishing the place to be one way with a blatant corporate non-responsiveness "wall" doesn't make it so. Nor does working with them seem to change anything. I think it is great that people have tried. I see it failing, tilting at windmills. My opinion. If the place works for you then...it does and it isn't a failure.

    I wish there was a decent public alternative.