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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Wagner James Au - only a month behind with the news

What my mate Rudi has been saying for a month was confirmed late yesterday in New World Notes - although of course LL themselves don't want to admit that Kim Salzer's tenure has been an absolute failure and Rod eventually got tired of her inability to manage a marketing department that was full of poor communicators who have no empathy wth their Community and who have even less idea how to acquire new customers than to retain their old ones. Rodvik has apparently understood what the problem is, but if he thinks Marc Viale Linden is the answer then he must be asking a fucking stupid question.

Pep (is killing himself laughing at the worst spin ever put on a leaving reason since the guy who claimed he left his wife to spend more time with his job: Kim apparently "couldn't cope with the commute" - in a company that leads on its offerings to corporates for 3D realtime virtual conferencing and multiple, unconstrained - except by censorship - communications channels.)

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  1. <3 u. Thanks for saying it for saying it out loud! doh!