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Friday, 25 November 2011

Rudi's even more upset now!!!

Poor old Joanna Fuck Moderator must have pulled the Thanksgiving night shift (any other suggestions on what might be worse, like Christmas Morning if you have kids, or the whole week after Hogmanay if you are Scottish?) and her hypersensitivity was given full reign (without any superior authorities around to rein in her delusions of power, I would guess) by Rudi's OP, which he has kindly sent to me to publicise:

Rudi is EXTREMELY annoyed and said he has responded to Joanna, and copied Viale and even Rod in on his reply:


Please could you explain in what way my post violated the Guideline? I can find absolutely nothing in it which transgresses anything stipulated. It is not sexually explicit and there is nothing in it that could be described as Adult Content in the way that LL specifies it. A philosophical discussion about why a virtual taboo might exist which has its roots solely in the physical world would illuminate questions of identity. The Guidelines specifically allow content which has an "important educational or cultural function, and therefore would be appropriate for all Second Life audiences."

And if you truly felt that it walked the line of "General" proscriptions then why did you not simply move it to the Adult Forums?

I would also wish to complain that you have given me a ban on the basis of one single posting contravention since my last ban. I understood that two warnings at least had to be given before a further ban. Or are you acting on the basis of "we may act without warning or explanation" power that the Guidelines confer upon you?


Welcome to my world Rudi! If you haven't received any warnings recently then I reckon this is Joanna grasping at straws to desperately find something/anything that she can hang a disciplinary charge on, to silence what I perceive as being your part in a most amusing and effective campaign to highlight the recent inadequacies of Linden Lab's Marketing function.Second Life appears to be going to hell in a handbasket as a result of the poker-in-ass corporate attitude encouraged by Kim recently and Rod - who should know better - is doing nothing about it.

Never mind Rudi, you can always post stuff to Rod's Twitter account and on his publicly available Facebookalike Profile feed, especially since Marc Viale Linden was in such haste to get that out of alpha (they haven't yet) that they omitted to draft and publish a code of conduct or set of guidelines for its use in what is a very complicated area to monitor, as Facebook keep finding out.

Pep (did you notice the play on words sounding like watery precipitation?)

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