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Sunday, 27 November 2011

LL's Losing Streak Continues

Void Singer, justifiably pissed off at being warned for expressing a sensible opinion presented in a civilised fashion (which unfortunately did not accord with the "message" that the Marketing Community Manager was trying to enforce on his users customers ) gave warning that she was going to give it a fortnight and if nothing was done to rescind the ludicrous disciplinary action, she was leaving. Rod has done nothing, so she has gone, and the forums have lost a talented and charitable resource.

Pep (wonders if there will be anybody with an IQ over room temperature left in SL by Christmas; this dumbing down already appears to be the case in Marketing and Community Support, aka Moderators annoyed at having to put in shifts over the long Thanksgiving Weekend and flailing out without justification at anyone who remotely appears to be "off message")


  1. Void? I wish I could believe this is one of your tongue-in-cheek jests on us but sadly I understand this is one of those unbelievable but truthful posts.

    The last several posts I have made here have voiced my opinion on the state of the SLF. I do not have a problem with it being SL-centric as noted below in a response to Venus. The AR gaming in the old GDF, then the awful moderation was instrumental in bringing the vitality of that forum down to barely breathing. The Lithium change brought with it the hopes of reasonable moderation (well, it did for me). Instead we got a ponderous, disjointed format and this asinine moderation...VOID? Void!

    Regarding the room temperature IQs... I'm sure it isn't lost on you that with winter coming and trying to save money on heat, room temperature ain't what it used to be! :)

    If they want to turn the whole forum into a SLA, then if they lose people like Void, who is going to be left to answer?

    LL:Please disseminate all of your knowledge and help for free, to promote our business and our website. You are an honored resident. It says so on your badge.

    Honored Resident: I love SL so I will help. By the way, one thing I noticed here that could be improved is...

    LL: STFU! We don't want your OPINIONS! We don't want your input! FFS! All we want you to do is provide free tech support. Shut up and toe the line! Oh yes, you are valued.

    Honored Resident: I can't voice an opinion? But...

    LL: Disciplinary action! You are questioning us!

    later, LL: Halloo? Halloooooooo. (It echoes.) Where did all those free tech support and community relations people go? Ingrates!

  2. I'm so glad I'm not involved in those forums.

    Back in the not-so-good old days Void was one of the very few people who's posts I'd always read, whatever the subject, both in the general forums and particularly in the scripting forum.

    If there was ever a reason to bring her to task, it would have been for her unrepentant use of Hungarian.

    I, for one, owe her a huge debt of gratitude for what she taught me.

  3. PETE! So good to "see" you. You were always one of very few people who's posts I'd always read, whatever the subject. I miss your wit and insights! I concur on Void as well.

    I think Pep should start his own public forum. No I'm not kidding. Yes, I know loud, hearty laughter just erupted across the globe.


    PS: This post should cement another FC headline about the affair Pep and I are having. All of this flagrant (not fragrant) ass-kissing is chapping my lips. :)

  4. @ Pete: THAT's what I'm talking about! I miss the Master of the Droll One-Liner.

    PS. Of course I've asked him to shave. Alas, the problem is that he doesn't shave often enough so ... stubble.