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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Rudi's upset!

Rudi just posted this in the Forum Feedback section of the official Second Life forums, and emailed me a copy. He seems to be more emotionally distraught than normal - there aren't even any asterisks!

"I thought it would be appropriate to bring to the attention of the Community - and possibly other Linden Lab authorities who may not know that such activities are being conducted in their name, despite a historical public commitment by Lexie, who I understand may be returning to her post next month, which can't be too soon! -  that posts are being deleted from threads without any notification to the posters (and not as a side-effect of the deletion of other posts, which is the usual excuse given for stealth moderation) or indication left in the thread that such censorship has been effected. 

This is despite those posts not contravening ANY elements of the forum Guidelines or Terms of Service! 
To explain: I am currently considering an involvement in role playing of a family/relationship nature, but my previous experience went really sour when I was involved with a blue werewolf with whom I had twin hybrid progeny, care of whom I initially entrusted in my partner, who brought them to maturity quickly and then proposed multiple incestuous relationships.

I was horrified!

There was no sexual ageplay involved, and it seems that incest is not forbidden by the ToS (I checked) but I am afraid that my underlying moral framework generates a repugnance of even virtual incest.

Therefore, whenever I am investigating a potential rp relationship, the first question I ask is - in an entirely neutral fashion, so that the response is not skewed by expectation bias - what their views on incest are. This generally provides me with sufficient information to know whether I might wish to proceed with further research regarding the opportunity for involvement.

I have asked several such questions recently in these forums of those searching for "friendships" and "relationships" and received fairly negative responses, although I perceived a reluctance to commit which might have been related to a disinclination to judge, or open-mindedness on the subject, neither of which would endear me to the underlying proposition - so I have not pursued the possibilities.

However, despite this being, as far as I am aware, an entirely legitimate use of the forums, it appears that my posts have been removed without notification or explanation.

I understand that the forum Guidelines state that "the actions taken (or not taken) by Linden Lab and our moderators are at our sole discretion, and we may act without warning or explanation" and I would guess that the mere mention of incest was enough for someone with the relevant powers to take peremptory capital action.

In that context it seems that there is little I can do except protest here publicly, until perhaps my protest is removed as the Syrians have shown they are more effective at doing than the Egyptian authorities, and hope that others in the forums might note that their apparent "freedom of expression" apparently offered if you comply with the specifics of the forum Guidelines is being eroded by the personal and private sensitivities of those with the autocratic power to be able to act upon their prejudices."

Pep (isn't surprised)

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