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Saturday, 15 October 2011

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An Englishman, humiliated by his team's performance at the Rugby World Cup, decided he wanted to emigrate to a good rugby playing country, and since the Welsh would not give him a visa, he was told by the Antipodean Immigration Authorities that he would have to undergo surgery to qualify for residence. 

He visited a doctor who told him "I will have to remove half your brain; it is is a very delicate operation and there is a lot that can go wrong."  "That's OK" said the Englishman.  "If it means that I can support a team that at least know which way to face when they kick off I'm prepared to take the risk".

The operation went ahead but the Englishman woke to find a look of horror on the face of the doctor.  "I'm so terribly sorry!!" the doctor said.  "Instead of removing half the brain, I've taken the whole brain out".  The patient replied, "Begorrah, to be sure, I'll take up refereeing instead!!!"


  1. Really, Pep ?

    Was the rugby match that bad ? Was Bono referee during ? ( Sorry. Did not watch it.) You'll turn down Irish brews now whenever offered whereever ? You're a Wallabie Wannabe now ? :D

    Questions ...

  2. Christ, a red card for that? He didn't even put the boot in.
    You was robbed.

  3. What do you call an Irishman in the knockout stages of the World cup? A referee, of course.

    captcha: nextime