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Friday, 14 October 2011

No Comment

Yeah, I have closed my blog to comments for the moment. There are several reasons for this.

Firstly, I am in a very bad mood (worse than normal) because some idiots in my real life are behaving like Lias, Lain and Nina do in the online world, the difference being that I CAN use legal force to impose my will upon them, as well as making sure that full details of their stupidity is communicated publicly to the wider community who will look down on them with disdain. In such a mood I might have mistaken the target of my vitriol, as "friendly fire" casualties have been known. I have hardly communicated by email for a while for the same reason. My friends know that I close contact channels when I am like this, and I will continue to do so even though it may not be their way.

Secondly, I have better things to do with my life than to conduct arguments with those who are a this moment attempting to canonise a thief and a liar: Did you know it was easy to spot when Jobs told a lie? His lips moved.

Thirdly, I wanted to help Lee's CAC forum get off the ground, and that was likely to be better achieved if interesting people posted interesting things there, rather than spread them thinly around the internet. I must say that I am really enjoying having somewhere I can be curmudgeonly without others getting too annoyed (aka irrationally hyperemotional) at my occasionally negative, but usually accurate, views. I am also enjoying the hell out of the continuing reactions of the jealous morons over at gV; they seem to think that CAC was set up solely to annoy them (in so many ways, too!) which may not be entirely accurate, but would have been good enough motivation, given the reaction it has provoked. I especially love the fact that the biggest thread on CAC (with over 4,000 posts to it already) is the one entitled "If you want to be rude about Lias, Lain and Nina without them knowing about it, post your comments here".

Pep (isn't a member of CAC, but has his ways of seeing what they do there.)

PS In case anyone other than the idiots in gV is not aware of it, it is not possible to prove anything on the internet.

PPS Sorry, I just had to quote this gem of Lain's: "Only people with a reject stamp on their forehead have confused me for multiple personalities". Right, and Larry is proof of that, eh?

PPPS We all know that you are really a lonely geek bloke, Lain, who creates personalities because otherwise no-one else will talk to you, and then you go and blow it so the only ones that WILL talk to you are your own alts; hell, you have even created Bunnie, so you can pretend that you have someone to talk to offline as well.

PPPPS Do you talk to yourself a lot when you are not at a keyboard, Lain?

PPPPS Hmmm, that's just as rhetorical a question as whether Lias lies to herself, isn't it.

PPPPPS I note that Lias has taken to deleting posts that make her look stupid.

PPPPPPS If she really takes that task seriously she won't be available until 2013.

PPPPPPPS Thanks for the promotional activity GradyE; as agreed, in return I'll send you that list of CAC members later this weekend.

PPPPPPPS I am now REALLY cheered up again after the Irish bastard screwed us; Lias swallowed the bait (post #2398) hook, line, sinker, rod, angler and riverbank.

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