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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Update on CAC

The most popular thread over there now, going over the century of pages (that's 100 for those of you counting in binary) is the "What do you think of Lain believing what Pep posts in his blog" in the "Supersekretstuff about gV absolutely not to be copied and published elsewhere" subforum.

Pep (can't copy and publish stuff, not because he has any morals, but because he isn't a member over there)

PS Sorry Grady, Lee won't let me have a member list for you after all; she said it would cause too much jealousy.


  1. I can't be the first to state the bleedin' obvious here can I? Pep: you must start your own unrestricted forum.

  2. Pete!!! It isn't mine, but CAC is exactly that unrestricted forum - it's invitation only to keep out the riffraff, but once you are inside you can say anything you like . . .

    Pep ( . . . as long as it is provocative, relevant, interesting and/or humorous)

    PS Can I get LeeHere who is the benevolent despotic tyrant to send you an invitation?

    PPS Please!

  3. Thank you Pep, but I don't want to belong to any forum that will accept people like me as a member.

    I *am* riffraff, and I suspect you need to look up the meaning of the word "unrestricted" in a dictionary.

    But I am glad to see you back from whatever hellish turmoil you've been immersed in recently. Best wishes.

  4. What kind of benevolent despotic tyrant would I be if I didn't make you beg and put a tariff on your request?


  5. @Pet: Hiya, long time no speak!

    @Pep: I just had to replace the F5 button, it's impossible to keep up overthere and not wear the keys out.

  6. "Pep said...

    Pete!!! It isn't mine, but CAC is exactly that unrestricted forum - it's invitation only to the riffraff"


  7. I sent Pete a message, but I can see now that I'm gonna have to send Pete a message.