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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Laugh? I almost did!

I accidentally read a thread over at SLU, started by Carter-Madhu, a self-proclaimed gay "female", which makes even more dramatically ironic her vilification of a comment by Richard Dawkins that women should get over themselves for feeling uncomfortable getting in a lift (elevator) with a guy who might have the temerity to offer to buy them a coffee. Over-sensitive weaker sex much? Don't use the lift if you are hyper-threatened by the existence of a male body in close proximity in a limited environment - using the stairs might get rid of some of that lard off your fat ass.

Pep (doesn't really understand why being an atheist has anything to do with being accurately critical of whinging women.)

PS Bam is Lain  might be interested to note that July 11th is apparently the International Day Against Stoning .


  1. Well, I was following along just fine — SLU thread (ok), someone named Carter-Madhu (ok) then :::squeal noises::: What is a gay female? Is that a lesbian? A gay guy playing a female in SL? There are several permutations to that phrase! And, does it matter to the post?

    Moving along — Dawkins — I'm vaguely familiar with the terribly British fellow who is an atheistic humanist. I have heard him speak on tv and didn't find anything hugely upsetting there. So he thinks women shouldn't be uncomfortable as a matter of course when they are alone in a "lift" (Google translate Lift = Elevator)with a guy? I'll buy that.

    The man in the elevator speaks to the solo woman? There is such a thing as innocent and even flirtatious talk that is worlds apart from being menacing. Free coffee? Yes please!

    I talk to people in elevators frequently. People talk to me frequently. We're so friendly here in the Midwest! I haven't felt threatened by just a chat. Just today I was uneasy in a parking garage elevator situation but I was wondering if I was about to be mugged. If a woman should naturally feel menaced by a friendly chat with a possible pay off in caffeine, should a man likewise being chatted up by a female also feel menaced?

    I think something like a heavy ashtry should be thrown in your general direction for the fat ass remark. (That didn't stop me from laughing.) It is the MEN who should take the stairs and let us women alone in the elevators! You lot of remote control stealing couch potatoes!

    You totally lost me about the atheist whinging. If Dawkins became a Christian then that would make his comments ok? Tell me that isn't someone's point in the thread?! (I know it isn't YOUR point.) Let's see, only a hard-assed, science-loving, god-hating, British MAN can make generalized, less than complimentary statements about females?

    Now, back to the free coffee in elevators... is this a British custom? Will you export? Is it just brewed coffee or can we get espresso? What do I have to do for an extra extra dry non-fat capp with an extra shot?

  2. I also came across this thread and followed the uproar in the blogosphere. It's utterly ridiculous. Lots of self-proclaimed feminists throw their ideals of equality and the end of gender stereotypes overboard in order to stereotype all men as potential rapists. I mean, isn't that sexist or something?

    But what's even more ridiculous is an article that was frequently brought up in the heated debates all over the internet, a piece called Schrödinger's Rapist. It says that the author is a female private investigator, romance novelist, and jiu-jitsu expert. But despite all her amazing feats and skills, she apparently has a bit of a problem with numbers.

    Her dyscalculia is quite apparent in statements such as "one of six American women will be sexually assaulted during her life". She loves to conflate rape with sexual assault. I mean, who cares that sexual assault statistics include cases like "my co-worker accidentally brushed my boob and I freaked out", right? Not to mention that male victims are also included, and of course female offenders.

    I've pulled up some U.S. crime statistics from 2009 (there is a clear downward trend compared to previous years, so the number for 2010 is probably even lower), and of course her ridiculous number doesn't check out. I guess "one in 129 people..." just wasn't sensational enough.

    Or "one in 10,431 American people is a rapist of indetermined gender", for that matter. According to her, there are no less than four rapists in an average high school graduating class and at least one in every workplace. They're everywhere, and of course they're all male!

    Luckily, Ms. Phaedra Starling lives with two large dogs according to her article and probably doesn't need any stinkin' men. I bet she doesn't use elevators either. We need special women's elevators so that people like Ms. Starling can feel safe again.

    PS: I just googled "women's elevators", and they really do exist o.O I wonder if they go all the way to the top floor in corporate buildings?

  3. What a welcome read! This was one of Ishtara's more interesting replies (and Ishtara's posts are often interesting, even when I disagree with them).

    PS. The women's elevators do not go past the floor with the glass ceiling — but they should! :)

  4. The reason elevators don't go past the floor with the glass ceiling is that then the men on the floor below would would be able to see up the women's skirts.

  5. @Pep: And a good time would be held by all! :)

    PS. Except for the types that were grousing in your OP's thread...They never have any fun, ever ever ever!

  6. /me throws a beer and a bacon sandwich at Pep to get his attention so he remembers he has a blog and makes a new post...

  7. Blog? I am too busy breaking my own records over in SC2 ( www.secondcitizen.net ) for getting borked (but they have now decided to get rid of the facility because they are fighting among themselves over the use of it) and for getting cornfielded. They really are such a bunch of hypocritical over-sensitive inadequates. On the up side, Elora may have dipped below 200lbs during her recent bout of shitting through a needle.