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Friday, 1 July 2011

Friday Competition

I noticed this story over at the font of all knowledge, the BBC news web site (only H2G2 knows more) and was immediately struck by the way it encapsulated just about all the elements of politically correctness that Scylla and the Ladies Who Lunch, now featuring Coco (You don't know who Coco is? Fucking noobs!) would get their knickers in a twist (Transatlantic cultural respecification: "panties in a bunch") about: rape, violence, racism, feminism, religious bigotry, male supremacy, BDSM and even women's football. All that is missing is a picture of a fluffy kitten.

So here's the challenge: find me a LOLcat (or make one yourself) which summarises all this silly season foaming at the mouth and I'll publish it here. Isn't that an incentive? Pep giving house room to a LOLcat?

Here is my own contribution.


  1. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_HXvVl2HVZP8/SaSKfUnC5oI/AAAAAAAABrA/4K5nBErc4Hs/s320/Exploytatif+lolcat.jpg

  2. Yeah, that's pretty freakin' funny, Pep. Nothing like homophobia and rape to lighten the mood, eh?

    If you liked that one, you'll be splitting your sides over the institutional employment of rape against condemned Iranian protesters (because an executed virgin goes to Heaven, and we can't have THAT, can we?), and the sanctioned genocidal uses of rape in Rwanda and The Democratic Republic of Congo.


    I'll tell you, I've been chuckling all morning.

  3. From the Toronto Star(left-leaning sympath rag)

    "On Sunday, Toronto’s gay community will celebrate Pride on downtown streets. At the same time, Muslims attending a major Islamic conference at the nearby Metro Toronto Convention Centre will hear from two speakers who say gays should be killed.

    Journey of Faith is the same annual event that drew criticism last year for inviting a televangelist who had expressed solidarity with Osama bin Laden and disparaged homosexuals and other groups. The televangelist’s speech was cancelled.

    The most virulently anti-gay speaker this year is Bilal Philips, a charismatic Jamaican-Canadian religious scholar who embraced Islam in 1972 in Toronto, where he was raised. In a Thursday interview, Philips cheerfully advocated death as a punishment for males who “confess” to homosexual behaviour, or are seen performing homosexual acts by four reliable witnesses, in countries governed by Islamic law.
    Lesbians should only get lashes, he said. In secular countries like Canada, he said, even gays should not be punished. But the word of the Qur’an must be followed in Islamic countries, he said, and the Qur’an says gays must be killed.

    Philips has made similar statements in his writings and in videos. In the interview, he also confirmed that he believes homosexuality is “evil,” like pedophilia and bestiality, and that God gave gays AIDS to penalize them for their deviancy.

    The leader of the conference, Toronto imam Saed Rageah, argued that controversial speakers are entitled to freedom of speech. He also contended, incorrectly, that Mayor Rob Ford has expressed similar views to those of Philips.

    “I think Mr. Ford, the mayor, he has a stance — so why are you guys making issue of this one and not that one? It’s a personal — this is what (Philips) wants to voice out, this is what he wants to say,” he said."

    Mayor Ford had decided to forego the "celebrations" in Toronto this weekend opting instead to head north to the cottage; a lovely weekend to be at the lake with temps in the 30's and the only Loons he will see are of the fowl variety.

    So Scylla, will you be prancing over to the Metro Convention Center after the parade?

    PS Strauss-Kahn sees the light at the end of the tunnel. Never have sex with the help, (right Arnie?) especially when there are professionals that have ethical standards.

    (Would you get your transmission repaired by a plumber?)

  4. Jihadist martyrs arriving in Paradise met by 72 lesbian virgins is the very definition of poetic justice.
    Allah works in mysterious ways.

  5. Erm... not exactly sure what your point(s) is here Pep.

    I always thought "silly political correctness" was along the lines of the professional (teacher? can't recall) in VA who was castigated for correctly using the word "niggardly". I thought it was Sacramento's City Council debating for weeks over whether to rename "manhole" covers to something less "sexist". That to me is silly political correctness.

    Being outraged and wanting to act to prevent anyone, anywhere from being attacked for sexual preference? How is that political correctness? I must have missed something.

    I know the current hilariaty over telling rape jokes and cancer jokes, to the respective victims, is getting a lot of play in some places and lots of people are saying things like "lighten up it was just a joke" and "I think things like this are funny."

    "Hey, did the ex stick the rifle up your ass any time you were being raped that day? Did you scream? I bet that was great!" "What???? Hey, lighten up, it was just a joke!" Is being disgusted by such things "silly political correctness" too? Or just having a bit of common decency?

    Really, I don't get your point and this isn't a long post. Are you being sarcastic? Are you just poking fun at the ultra left? Maybe I'm missing something because I'm not reading the blogorums.

  6. @L: No real point, I was just struck by how life imitated art, in this case a very funny comedy series called "Drop The Dead Donkey" which featured the hyperbolic ravings of awards-orientated TV journalists who were insanely jealous of Kate Adie. To get a feel for it see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drop_the_Dead_Donkey in particular the Damien Day character.

    Pep (realises that you had to be there at the time - in the 90s - but this is HIS blog, and reflects HIS musings.)

  7. @Pep: Ahhh. OK. Lots of info in your reply.
    You'd have to be there (have seen the 90's series).
    British humor is weird (but I generally like it once I get it).
    I think I now understand what you are talking about with hyperbolic presentations.

    I liked this line from Wiki: The humour, like that in a real newsroom, was often very black, as the writers did not shy away from sensitive subjects. A typical line (from Henry): “The ‘Troubles’ in Northern Ireland. What a bloody stupid phrase. What do they think two thousand people have died from? Stress?”

    Having been in both Irelands and having had some "interesting" experiences, I never could figure out why it was called "The Troubles" and this was a funny comment that echoed my thoughts. Contrary to popular belief I do have a sense of humor and it can range from dry to dark to whimsical.

    Thanks for clarifying where you were coming from. Muse all you want but we can't all crawl up inside that scary British head and decipher it all without some help!

  8. @Pep: I don't expect L will read your reply as she stated that she's 'not reading the blogorums' though she sounds pretty current with FC letters.

  9. L makes an exception for me.

    Pep (Doesn't everybody?)

  10. I win ? O.o

    Oh ... ^.^


    I'd like to dedicate my award t... errrrm oh, no .. that's somewhere else.

    TY, Pep.

  11. @TT: I haz frenz who tellz me stuff.

    What I mentioned re "all that" was going on when I left and I assume some of it is still going on. Don't have be be a rocket scientist or even a geen-i-us to suss that out.

    @Pep: An exception for the exceptional! (oh...gag...I couldn't even type that with a straight face!) But, yeah, I still read your blog and Cait's. 'Tis it. Well, ok, I read my own blog, too, some of the time. You can tell by the posts which ones I read before publishing and which I didn't.

  12. Woot! It is the 4th of July in England! I just noticed your blog is set to your time zone (that's just stoopid).

    We whupped your asses! So there! Neener neener! My favorite old joke: Thank God we won the Revolutionary War or right now we'd be speaking English here!

    We'll eat the traditional German based food of hotdogs, potato salad and or coleslaw to celebrate and then watch Chinese (then Italian) inspired fireworks! USA! USA!

    (ok, done now...)