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Sunday, 24 July 2011

How big is your right parahippocampal gyrus?

Yeah right, I realise that you probably know exactly its dimensions - and if you laughed at that phrase, rather than thought "What is Pep on today?" then it is almost certainly pretty well developed.

Apparently, it's the part of the brain where your ability to detect sarcasm is located.

I'm now waiting for them to do further research to assess whether it is culturally or gender dependent, and whether it is able to detect written sarcasm without the normal supporting cues of tone and body language etc.

Pep (Note that it is the detection organ, rather than the originator organ of sarcasm, irony, sardonicism or any other intentionally ambiguous misdirection of communication.)


  1. I think the Research quoted has shown there is possibly a higher incidence of frontotemporal dementia among the population of TLWL(TM).

    Further research to determine whether it is the result of an under developed parahippocampal gyrus, BMI or RIA (rectally inserted appliance) would seem to be warranted.

    I will fire off a proposal to the good people at NSERC to see about securing the funding. I am thinking a 5 year study at $250,000 per annum. Will that do?

    (I have an "in" at McMaster so time on the fMRI shouldn't be a problem.)

  2. On an unrelated matter, somewhat.

    Which is funnier?

    a) WE threatens to call the FBI on nina over at gV.

    b) Mods cite WE for said threat causing him to become banned, again.

    c) The ensuing discussion on what the policy should be concerning threats to call legal authorities/lawyers made to the board owner or members.

    d) Scylla's et al responses on SCII concerning anti feminist rants

  3. I read the article when it was published. I don't think you need to be a "big-shot television star" to not care about your neuroanatomy, but I think my right parahippocampal gyrus is of normal size. I am hoping my right frontal lobe is humongous.

  4. As long as I can drink Cake Vodka, eat Godiva Chocolates and play Zuma, I'm good with whatever size it is ;-)

  5. @Derek: Have I missed something new on the SC2 anti-feminist rant scene? Link please.

    PEP (WE is almost as pitiful as Nina.)