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Monday, 25 July 2011

A feminist Rousseau?

Well, the French philosopher believed that you had to force people to be free. An original oxymoron, eh!

Which Scylla et al seem to have embraced, in a very convenient (to them) fashion: "The feminism that I, and those I know, advocate for is nonviolent, and it is also very much about liberating men from the bonds of gender stereotypes"

Pep (doesn't need another female to tell him not to watch sport on TV.)

PS The rest of the thread can be summed up as "I can't argue with his anti-feminist points, but I don't like being smacked in the face by the truth, so I'll call him a douchebag anyway".

PPS Thanks to Derek for the heads-up on this one.


  1. Hey Pep, no need to sweat! "Freedom" for men entails also the *right* to be a beer-guzzling, sports-addicted, misogynist jackass!! If that's your chosen option, feel free to embrace it! (And why not? Why go to the bother of changing?)

    I, for my part, will be working hard to educate women about how to *avoid* you old dogs who can't learn new tricks. Believe me, that will be much simpler than trying to provide you and your ilk with sensitivity training!

    BTW, any personal pics of your well-publicized propensities for male loserdom would be greatly appreciated for the information package I'm putting together. If you can get a shot of yourself in mid-belch, I would be particularly grateful!


  2. Scylla, you seem to be assuming too much power for yourself and your movement. I need no woman's permission to do whatever I damn well like, which might include laughing at my son's (female, of course) English teacher's protestations that Ibsen was not taking the piss out of female fickleness in "A Dollhouse", or appreciating that Jos Whedon was likening female emancipation to prostitution in "Dollhouse" (I don't think Eliza Dushku realised that was what she was portraying though) or it might include taking the fuse out of the vacuum cleaner plug on Six Nations weekends, or it might cover buying cheap wine for my wife and expensive bottles for myself, since she doesn't have a clue about the difference in quality. Men have always had the freedom do choose their roles for themselves, and we are all sniggering behind your back at the amount of time you are wasting trying to "help" us become *more* sensitive to things that we are completely insensitive to in the first place, eg, no we couldn't care less whether your bum looks big in that.

  3. @Scylla

    "...old dogs that can't learn new tricks."? Really?

    Sounds like a lot of "boogie woogie" to me.

    Now get me a beer like a good girl.

  4. / chuckles

    Well, Pep, it appears you missed SL dating Scylla by “this” much. Apparently she has brushed her hands of trying to enlighten untrainable old dogs after her recent several month endeavors with another much publicized aging canine and she is educating the females instead.

    / sheds a tear for what could have been—thinking of the posts a Scylla N Pep union could have wrought!

    A couple of points on your post:
    1) Pulling the plug on the vacuum cleaner is a kindness in my book! (Bad wine, on the other hand is a “sleeping on the couch” offense and the next day a shopping spree for me.)
    2) “You” aka “Men!” don’t care if our bums look big in that? Since when? Did I miss the memo?
    3) Women are fickle? I missed another memo? Oh, wait, I read that. I just changed my mind regarding the assertion.

    I’m a big fan of cognitive dissonance. I am a tad of a misanthrope at heart, from years of education and experience. I have strong secular humanistic tendencies (to annoy my spiritual side), so rather than feminism or whatever “ism”, it just makes sense to treat people fairly. That isn’t to say I think everyone is totally equal — intelligence, physical strength, any number of traits prove that — but everyone should have the same basic rights (that we in the West take for granted). Then again, I’m a fan of Jefferson’s ideal of a meritocracy.

    I suppose that points to my female fickleness?