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Ah, the irony! Rhonda Huntress said that, and she also said:

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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Are they just one person?

Lias/Bladyblue/Nina/Jez/Clancy/Tarzan/Lain/Bams/Larry/Bunnie/etc . . .

They all seem to share one brain anyway - if you aggregate their IQs you get a sum that is almost subnormal.

(A demonstration of their mendacious hyperemotional inadequacies is currently ending for the night over at gV in the "Standing Invitation . . . " thread)

PS I can understand YOU getting hyperemotional at the office CaTo, if the coffee machine isn't working!

PPS LOL at whoever it was that suggested I might be upset at getting the gV-focused thread locked over at SLU; on the contrary, once again, despite having no formal authority or power, I achieved my objective.


  1. LOL!
    It's horrible. I have to go to another floor in the building to get my caffeine-shots!!!
    Unbelievable! Am most upset.

  2. Lias is just OUT there. She almost falls into Wasted territory.

    It's so cute that he has a crush on her. He popped into another thread to tell several folks that they should be axed in the head..In order to defend her honor....

    OMG...Wasted/Lias and honor should NEVER be put in the same sentence.

    Such a lovey-dovey. Somehow, I think that makes Lias warm in the panties.

  3. @Jolene: Ugh...just...ugh. I knew Lias when she was bladyblue to me and I do not think WE would interest her in the least. She may defend his 'right' to say something, but lovey-dovey? No..umm....no.
    Of course, I knew her four years ago and much can change in four years.

  4. @Venus, four years of loneliness can do stranger things to a woman than Wasted.

    Um. That sounds odd. Oh well.