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Monday, 2 May 2011

More Lias Lies

Lias got caught yet again in GV lying through her teeth. I echo House's world view, but I also endorse the Eleventh Commandment.


  1. LOL, you are on top of the lies this morning!
    Isn't this a cool one? Unless she comes up with a real good explanation, which I doubt, but we will see!

  2. Lies about her RL age or something? I mean, really, in the grand scheme of things, I do not give a flying hoot about her 'past'.
    Or am I missing something?

  3. I dunno. Is she lying? My father served in WWII. Left high school to do so. He was born in 1925 and I'm not yet 50, though I do have a sister who's 60. Oooops. 61. Her birthday was yesterday.

    So, one needn't be "50-60 to have a parent 84." Some people do have children beyond age 34.

    To add some perspective, maybe: Dad's father (born 1896) served in WWI and and Dad's mother's (b. 1905) father, my g-g-grandfather, (b. 1846) served in the late Civil War. Granted, his third wife, my g-g-grandmother, was born in 1863.

    I'm betting that it was a "vintage" photo, not something that's unheard of. Have you seen Ima's? It screams early 1980s high school photo, yet her mother is closer to Seicher's age than she is. Mmmmhmmm.

  4. @ Griffin...
    Gah! Pep doesn't allow swearing (much) here and you trot out that line about Ima's mother etc???


    /me wanders off having a bout of selective Tourettes.


  5. Still >:-|

    I forgot why I came in here. Us old people do that. Anyone seen my glasses?

    I came here originally to tell you that I had to Google the 11th Commandment. I only knew the one Reagan said and some how "Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican" didn't quite fit the context.

    There are quite a few 11th Commandments it turns out!
    Well, House's Rule is: Everybody lies.
    (It's still amazing to me that Hugh Laurie can so flawlessly carry on the American accent while having such a posh British one in RL.)
    I'm assuming your 11th Commandment is the one that says, "Don't get caught."

    Just this morning I was telling a RL friend (one of my alts, of course) who knows a little something about SL, the Forum, etc. that while I subscribe to Word of the Day by dictionary.com, your vocabulary gives me more new words than Word of the Day! Phrases, too. You make my world my colorful...although I could swear rings around you is my guess. (I feel so proud...)

    Btw, >:-|


    (TY. I feel better now.)

  7. Huh? Wha'? Just sayin' that I don't think Ima is as young as she pretends to be. I mean, let's see. Her brat is how old? 9? 10? I suppose she could have spawned her before she completed her alleged degrees, but... unlikely. So how old must her mother have been when she spawned Ima if she's closer in age to you than Ima is?

  8. P.S. I don't really care how old anyone is. Just don't lie about it to make yourself look younger.

  9. Let us assume Ima graduated from college before having her child. That would make her 22 or 23 minimum. Let us say her child is 9 years old. That would make Ima minimally 31 or 32 years old now. If her mum is 51, she would have had Ima when she was 20. Possible, certainly.

    BUT WHO THE @#%* CARES?!