"There is no amount of pretty in the world that can cover a venomous heart."

Ah, the irony! Rhonda Huntress said that, and she also said:

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Friday, 8 April 2011


I guess Sylvia, Quinn and Ossian were a bit slow off the mark in noticing that Slack's message was dated April 1st?

Pep (points out that you won't find the word "gullable" in any good dictionary.)

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  1. I admit to being gullible, but you have to admit that dating the message "07 April" was a clever April Fools' trick. If he'd dated it "14 April" it would have been twice as good!

    And where did you get that word "gullable"? I know it's not found in any good dictionary, but it's not found in many other places, either.