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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Going Underground

No, not a Jam reference; just noting that only Suspiria of her clan appears to be publicly visible, everyone else having been driven off by embarrassment, it seems. Making blogs private seems to rather defeat the object, doesn't it?

I suppose Miss Piggy has to keep her Titter feed open, or else she has no platform to accept the acknowledgement of potential acolytes, since she is afraid to post in the official SL forums, Offworld is a ghost town and her blog is dwindling into nothing since she has been barred from attending the CTUG Meetings.

Meanwhile, over on gotVirtual, the administrators have been getting their panties in a twist, managing to achieve the double whammy of embarrassing themselves and alienating just about everyone except Colleen - who has ragequit anyway - and Lias and Cody, neither of whom count.

PS The sun is shining here and the kids are off school for three weeks pretty much, so don't rely on me for entertainment during the rest of April.

PPS _Suspiria_ must be getting some interesting private tweets, given that her self-description, at a quick read, looks like "Call girl".


  1. Of that I have little doubt actually. It would certainly explain her projected self-loathing.
    /me wonders if she provides PSE and visits the Greek Isles?
    No doubt a Bait and Switch operation though, with severe upselling upon arrival.

  2. oh, I looked again and now I see it's not Call girl..LOL.
    Anyway, yeah. Odd that people hide their twitter and blogs from public view. Oh well. I suppose they are very important people that need privacy and a place to discuss important issues amongst likeminded?
    I even seem to have some followers on my (open) twitter, who in return do not allow me to read their brilliant one-liners, unless I send a 'request to follow', which I refuse to do.

  3. I notice @dickparkes chirps occasionally. Laughably, the operator behind @dickparkes writes:
    What's this I hear about women playing "men"? Tarsks! Stick to REALITY, people! Or be fed to the Insect Gods in the Sardar Mountains!
    Appears it is fine for Scylla to mock those experimenting with gender identity but for others who may have legitimate issues to be ridiculed. She must know that she loses cred when she is a hypocrite.

  4. Loses cred?
    I wasn't aware she possessed any.

  5. After reading previous CTUG transcripts I think that they made the discovery that now that we have real though heavy handed moderation that they can not speak without impunity in their blogs with out suffering consequence in the Flogs. However subtle they may think that they are being in the Flogs, they have openly revealed their true nature in their personal blogs.

    How MP can be so smart yet so dumb at the same time is a marvel. That she could think she could trash Amanda in her blog and not suffer consequences, unreal. Only MP's ego is so huge that for her to go underground would be equivalent to admitting defeat. Notwithstanding there is probably a lot of banter between them that we will never see. But they are the living proof that misery loves company.

    I would suggest they need some bran flakes to loosen their constipation.

    Post Cereal

  6. If the Lindens are reading their blogs and twitters as many say they are, then I don't foresee a forum for adults to talk and discuss issues. Scylla can not insinuate herself and her bf into an innocuous thread; have that thread whacked by her bf; and in other threads state she has no connection to his posting on twitter. She has tied herself to his voice and action so their words are now the same.
    The biggest kick I got was her bf discussing Storm's wee-wee on twitter:
    @ImaRangSL @_Suspiria_ I refuse to contemplate Storm's wee-wee...
    Tue Apr 05 2011 20:56:20 (EDT) via web in reply to ImaRangSL

    Yes, the Lindens will think we are mature enough to have an unmoderated adult forum.

  7. ARGH! I just made a long enumerated post and hit "preview" and the Internet ate it! Fine fine fine...post comment redux.
    :::grumbles and stabs at the keyboard this time as she types:::

    1) Thank you for removing the link to my now defunct blog as I asked.

    2) Officially I have stated that I have left the Forum behind and anything to do with it. I have stopped officially following any blog that focuses most of its intent upon the Forum. I also officially stopped following a few ass hats. Um...your blog fell into the former not the latter! :::grins::: Honest!

    3) Unofficially I still stop in here. Officially I have said I use your blog to jump to Caity's excellent blog. That's true. But...demmit Pep, you make me laugh! I always stop in to see if you've added a new bit of quipping. You rarely fail to produce at least a few giggles. The comments are usually good for a few grins as well.

    4)S'ok, I'm weak. I'm not following any of the Forums. I occasionally peak into the vapid remains of what used to be the GD Forum. Scan & yawn, it takes only a few seconds to see "Nothing to see here, move along!" <--said like a bobby in a Monty Python sketch. The Powers That Be really seem to have effectively neutered that board.

    5) I, too, noticed the "Private Property—Trespassers Will Be Shot" signs going up amongst the Cool Kids' twiddles and blogs. I thought it was hilarious. What rancid things are they saying amongst themselves that they haven't already repeatedly blazed across the Internet in public?

    I have to say I got mental images of about 5 die-hards huddled in the dark over their flickering monitors, typing inane things to each other then praising themselves on their brilliance (and the stupidity of those not in the claque).

    I assume there are lots of claims of PROOF! Ala MP's gloriously tin-foil hat wearing assertions of a conspiracy of thugs with Gen Moderator. PROOF! Of conspiracies, specific ISP for specific computers, etc etc. As we used to say way back when, "Smoke more!" (and it wasn't referring to tobacco).

    I have to say, when others were quivering behind closed twit and blog doors, MP did have the cajones to stay visible. Like others have said though, s/he's incapable of anonymity. Of course s/he doesn't allow comments on its page (probably wisely so).

    6) As to Venus's comments about Scylla's hypocrisy re:Dick... That is but one instance of the many types of her hypocrisy. I used to admire her convictions. I didn't agree with her far left leanings but I did appreciate her (seemingly) consistant stance. But slowly, post by post, her facade dissolved and the hypocritical mass underneath revealed itself like the portrait of Dorian Gray.

    There's Dick, for one, as has been pointed to. There was repeated refusal to answer good, reasonable questions regarding things like the "gender abuse" whatchacallit SL symposium (that was not friendly toward males). Good questions were ignored while she only acknowledged sycophantic treacle posts. I thought that silence on issues spoke volumes about her convictions and the flimsy stuff they are built upon. Then there is her guilt by association that she flaunts. It too is the height of hypocrisy.

    Honestly? Of all of the let downs of the Forum it wasn't the crazy people and their obsessive fixations that was the most disappointing. For me, the most disappointing was finding out Scylla was not "the real deal" but one humongous hypocrite.

    See what happens when I officially don't read? When I finally publish a comment it becomes a novel! Maybe I should start a blog...!!! :-)