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Monday, 4 April 2011

ARazoz for the new forums

Well, there's not much disputing who's doing the RICking nowadays. The sensitive soul (boasting "I got Venus' boyfriend one pulled." and "I wonder if I can get this one pulled, too") has obviously caught Miss Piggy's disease.

Pep (expects him to reap the rewards in the same way that she did.)

PS Of course, Scylla will defend Nat's right to attempt to censor threads that take the piss out of the fact that he spent his first two years in SL as a female submissive.

PPS Ah, I see the Cabal appears to have closed down public access to their tweets to hide the evidence. Unsurprising really.

PPPS Of course, Suspiria's vanity and desperate thirst for public approbation won't allow her to limit her audience so her Twitter feed is still visible; it's really amusing how she seems to be infatuated with the word "jejune" without understanding how to use it in the correct context.


  1. Your link leads to a page does not exist message Pep. For me anyway.

  2. Your link to that predatory arthropod animal Scorpiones' venomous tweets does not work. I would have like to have read it. However, I am not surprised - it was her/his MO at the close of the GD forum (AR of all evidence of the deceit in her/his posts.) This was not limited to her original female avatar and creating the alt male Nathaniel posts. She Ar'd everything that pointed to her relationships with other women; or the chasing of these women around the forum.

    I know you love it whenever you have to opportunity to say "I told you so" - I am offering you another opportunity to feel good; I once defended Scylla as 'standing tall' - today, her various forms of hypocrisy are manifest is most of her posts. These two deserve each other - or at least until one of them figures out which one is worse than the other.

    Ima, who seems to have lost whatever voice she once had, is positioning herself to befriend these individuals as they are the 'few' that respond to her styrofoam hammer (or her pleas for attention.) I don't begrudge her attention as I, too, seek the same, but she doesn't get ANY anymore. Desperate people befriend desperate people.

  3. I have a feeling you have to be signed in to your Twitter account to be able to see the rancid burblings.

  4. I'm sorry but I refuse to become a twat, twitterer, queefing tweeter whatever the hell it is that they become when plugged into that vapid platform.
    Nonetheless, I am far from surprised by the behaviour and those associated. Furthermore quite expected it from someone claiming to be an attorney in semi retirement.
    What do you call 10 000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?
    A start.
    F*ck 'em says I.

  5. I'm not on Twitter, so I'm afraid I'm not very up-to-date on this stuff.

    Nat did not consult me before ARing the post; had he done so, I would have advised against it. I didn't AR the thread myself, despite finding it a vomitous little puddle of putrescence, founded upon both a general culture of intolerance, and an appallingly unnecessary and unprovoked personal attack. In that regard, it would appear that the mods agreed.

    I'm not going to "defend" Nat for this; he's a big boy, and can do that himself if he chooses. I doubt that he will feel so inclined, given that unprovoked attacks upon him seem to be the order of the day here, and a "test" of one's acceptance into your little community. As I noted, ARing it was not something I would have recommended, but he was certainly well within his rights, ethically and otherwise, to do so.

    More interesting is the apparent ease with which those posting *here* seem to be able to justify what you all very well know to have been a vindictive and sleazy personal assault on someone who has had very little presence on the new forums to begin with. What a delightfully inclusive little group you are!

    Storm, I'm sorry to hear you have been taken aback by my "hypocrisy" -- but perhaps you can explain, in turn, how you justify your defence of that thread in the light of your campaign for a "PIC" forum. I'm afraid that what is emerging instead is cliquish little set who are quite happy to throw ethics out the window when one of their own decides to produce an "amusing" little assault on someone who isn't even around often enough to see it. (I and others had to direct his attention to it, as he spends little time on the forums now.) Your "vision" for a free, open, and rankless forum appears to exclude those you personally dislike.

    It's not very edifying coming from someone for whom I had, at one time, some respect. But if the condition for retaining your regard is supporting sly, smug, and mean spirited attacks on others, I suspect I can do very well without it.

  6. Do I sense a Twitter migration in the works? ;-) Pep, you never come in-world anymore :-(

  7. I don't have a Twitter Account nor do I want one. Perhaps some one can post a screen shot of the comments.

    I was very surprised that thread lasted as long as it did. It was just too adult for our teenagers. Men running around the grid as females (and visa versa). I am waiting for someone to AR Torley's profile picture. My word, the creator of SL running around dressed like a woman. Doesn't look like a good corporate image to me.

  8. You do not need to tweet to read the chirps. Here is the link:

  9. The more I read the more I think Ima likes me. I mean really, really likes me.

  10. Pep I never lock my tweets and what happened to the comment I left before? You should come in-world more;-)

  11. Sorry Argus, comments get piled up behind each other and sometimes I miss one. Fixed now. And I don't get inworld much because my broadband connection is rubbish - waiting for a fibre link which they keep promising "real soon now".

  12. @ Scylla you seem to be confusing several issues. Let me shed some light. The thread you refer to above was not my OP. Secondly, I do not spend my time thinking about your bf. I can not speak for Venus. To me, he is out of sight and out of mind. I did see the tweets to which Pep was referring. Your bf AR'd ALL my threads - even the sports thread - he brags about it in his tweets. It is him that you were lauding in the Venus OP - lauding for coming out. So what he played as a women his first two years - my issue with this has always been the defense of not ever having to tell anybody; that he could play the game as he saw fit without regard to anyone else's motivations when playing SL. But, damn, he did demand that people 'answer his questions' - throw all his lawyer talk at them when they offered an opinion that opposed his. The same women he chased in the forum are the same women he severely attempted to beat up for not answering him. Oh, the hypocrisy.

    Let's talk about PIC. It is a term that was, I think, negatively applied to people in the forum. I turned it around and made it a positive - yes, I am a forum person. We all are. In the new forum we are challenged not only by moderation, but by individuals who can not accept the reality of what they are; of individuals who haven't a sense of proportion. Of individuals who forgot or never learned to laugh at themselves. With these shortcomings it is impossible to have an environment where we can disagree without being disagreeable.

    So, to bring it full circle for you, I did not write an OP about your bf. Your bf did write tweets about AR'ing my threads. He even tweets about my wee-wee.
    You tell me that he is not participating in the forum for months - then I ask you why is he AR'ing from afar. Ostensibly he is participating - but, he don't feel he has the need to tell anybody - he plays the forum, too, as he sees fit. You can laud him for that all you choose. I choose not to. You are tying your voice to his.