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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Three Strikes?

Shouldn't Amanda be out now? She messed up with the Facebook comment in the blog, then she was responsible for the publication of pesonal IP addresses, and now it appears that she is using a public email system to administer moderation.

Oh, and isn't it amusing that all those warning and ban posts printscreen images have been replaced by a "cat and mouse" video? Does she think this is a game? That she is being paid to both play badly and referee according to rules for which she makes up the interpretations as she goes along?

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  1. Oh! The printscreen images HAVE been replaced. That's kind of a creey video in addition to it being lame. OMG. Is this proof positive that Amanda is Miss Piggy? Oh what a tangled web...

    The side issues of the Forum are MUCH more entertaining than the Forum itself--for a while, it will soon become very boring. But for now it is providing many reasons for munching popcorn while reading!