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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Miss Piggy v Amanda and the Moderators

I couldn't make this up! Sorry, this blogpost will be short becaue I have to go and change my trousers I am laughing so much. Look at Suspiria's most recent blog post. She has been warned for "continual posting of video threads all over the forum" which may be true and very annoying, but is not strictly against anything in the ToS or Community Guidelines that I can see, unless you consider it harassment of EVERYONE!

Then Sus emails Amanda direct and gets told: "You're insulting people. I read the posts."

Pep (is now worried, because he seems to be on the same side as Suspiria in a battle!)

PS I wonder how long "Mr Reasonable" aka "I started the IP address privacy invasion" Raul will allow MP's uberGodwin post to stay up on his dying-on-its-feet forum?

PPS I have only just discovered that Amanda was Mark Kingdon's pet from a previous existence. I am surprised she has lasted long without him in the big chair, and I presume that after over two years of failure she is "ready for the next challenge", perhaps at Hooters, on the basis of this photo.

PPPS According to Friendster she is "Interested in dating men and relationships with men", which, given that she is 40 and still single, suggests that perhaps a career break might allow her to focus on more important things than forum moderation, if she can avoid a breakdown.

PPPPS Amanda is apparently looking for an old soul who values balance, respect, fidelity, children, passion, living fully, and loving with an open heart. Well-educated, liberal, dog-people are also important. And, someone who doesn't take it all so seriously. I know I might seem to fit that description to a T, but PLEASE don't give her my IP address


  1. Strange bedfellows indeed!
    I believe she even deigned to give you props for directing people to her blog.
    A new Axis of Evil?

  2. That's Axis of Weevil, Derek. (One of Pep's Classics.)

    I don't follow all of this political intrigue stuff that closely so getting this sudden drenching of it is rather over-whelming but...but...don't let it stop! I'm still giggling over Sussie telling everyone that a sus is a type of pig. I don't think anyone atually knew that! Or, perhaps the rest of The Gang did but left me to be last to know...again!

    I am actually worried about MP, though, her posts are reading like someone screwed on the tinfoil hat just a little too tightly this time. And no, I don't believe even you could make this stuff up...not even fueled by butties (that IS a sandwich, right?)and beer.

  3. LMAO!
    You can't make this stuff up.
    Comrade Snooki is having a falling out with Gruppenfuher Amanda.
    The ultimate cat fight.

    And the temerity of The Queef to compare anyone to Nazism while she posts that preening pic of herself in front of the hammer and sickle.
    /me facepalms

    AS for Amanda's questionable judgement on her choice of posting habits, well, need anymore need to be said about her suitability for her position.

    Back to boot camp for you Amanda!
    I think I hear a toilet flushing.

  4. It is a hilarious blog, no doubt.
    What I find 'sad' is her post at the OffworldMuppetshow, indeed ├╝bergodwinned at OP and no one dares to question this. Well only Jolene.

    Also, she editted an Oscar Wilde quote in her signature overthere into:
    'Ridicule is the tribute paid to my genius by the mediocrities...'

    Which, aside from her silly (but yet amusing) rants on her blog, says more than enough about her.

    If she really had balls, she would open up her blog for comments! But noooo!
    Unless she is still a bit clueless on blogging and has no idea how to set the preferences..hehe.