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Monday, 14 March 2011

Amanda Linden RIP

Amanda seems to be enjoying shooting herself in the foot, and I am sure that, like Katt Linden before her, she will be removed from her position very soon. You can't have someone responsible for user liaison and communication who makes as many serious errors (Facebook, three strikes, no appeals and now publication of private IP addresses) as she has in a very short time. Katt was disposed of in similar cirumstances and Amanda's time is now extremely short.

This is LL style. Senior management don't have a clue about Marketing/PR and are seduced by the CVs (probably exaggerated or even fictitious in parts - that is what PR/Marketing girlies that have upgraded from their previous jobs as trolley-dollies do) of self-proclaimed "experts" in managing public communication channels. The problem is that while you might be able to manage several limited output channels ("The emergency exits are located to the side and front of the fuselage", managing multiple input streams with more postings than can be monitored by a cost-effectively sized team (even if they were semi-literate, which is debatable given some of my dealings with the current moderators - they are converted geeks, or maybe failed Version 2 programmers working out their fixed term contract) is impossible, even if you stipulate "rules" and processes. I know several avatars that have had three or more warnings yet are still unbanned which means that the moderator team are either "unwarning" people without telling them (hypocritical and lying by omission) or are not able to operate the "system" that Amanda has insisted exists - which presumably is not fully automated.

My money is on Amanda being cast to the dogs very soon and Lexie (who has cleverly managed to avoid the inevitable embarrassment of involvement by refusing to be associated with the moderation team) will be asked to put a more approachable face to the forums.

So there may not be a need for me to do anything but wait, while the more temperate (Scylla has done an excellent job of biding her time) point out the deficiencies of Amanda's brief reign.

Pep (is enjoying Miss Piggy's blog even more than the forums at the moment)

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