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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Intolerance - a recursive concept?

Drake1 is suggesting in the forums that "sexist" discrimination is contrary to the Terms of Service.

Yeah, right!

Actually, the way in which the ToS proscription is phrased, *ANY* opinion expressed in the forums might be termed "intolerant" by *ANYBODY* who doesn't share that opinion. This means that the human robots aka Scout Team who are operating the LL support function from their brat-inhabited living rooms - when they can be dragged away from their daytime TV of course - can blithely and mindlessly agree with any old AR from a disgruntled complainer (even if they are a minority of just one) and zap posts, threads or even the account of those who dare oppose another's bigoted beliefs. After all, it closes the case, doesn't it - and *that* is the basis upon which these barely literate homeworkers get paid.

After all, anybody that wanted to could AR *ANYONE* involved in BDSM/Slavery, on the simple basis that even if it was roleplay, it "belittles" another individual or group,which is part of the definition of intolerance in the ToS.

/me hopes he is not giving Cato any ideas . . .

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