"There is no amount of pretty in the world that can cover a venomous heart."

Ah, the irony! Rhonda Huntress said that, and she also said:

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Friday, 28 January 2011

XiuLan is a liar and a fraud

Well, I'd hate to disappoint a lady.


  1. I hope someone tells her she is mentioned here, because she doesn't read it!

  2. I know I'm commenting very late but that is OK since she never reads this. She? Did you see that RL picture of her trying to imitate Marilyn Monroe she posted? I didn't realize XiuXiu was a female impersonator. So now comes the gender pronoun dilemma. He? She? It?

    It is nice to see Sus letting her yappy little lapdog off her leash sometimes. It's amusing seeing XiuXiu run about trying to nip ankles. Yap yap snip snip.