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Monday, 24 January 2011

Same ol' same ol'

I see Scylla has initiated another of her dissertation enhancing threads about whether feelings about adults pretending to be raped are more important than feelings about adults pretending to be children pretending to be raped. I'm glad I'm not so bored that I want to contribute to the non-argument. It has got intertwined of course with another thread where people are getting confused about the morality of slavery and BDSM, whereas the actual "problem" (not a problem of course; acceptance of inevitability is the real problem) is the undisputed ability of greedy selfish players to take monetary advantage of fickle, naive, and hyperemotional "females".

As an aside, a little old lady along the road gave me a bottle of 12 year matured Glenfiddich to thank me for helping her with her tax return, so I have accepted the apparent inevitability of waking up with a headache that my barosinusitis is causing, and superseded it with a hangover which I feel is my righteous adverse return on some small enjoyment.


  1. The Scottish whisky industry is most thankful for little old ladies; as is, I presume, one Welshman.

  2. I'd say "Absolutely" except others might misinterpret it as an endorsement for vodka as an alternative.

  3. Cheers :). And after reading the posts you link to in the header, I can use a drink too! My goodness....!

  4. Is Glenfiddich better than The Macallan?;-) I rather like Drambuie or the Isle of Skye [it is blended however]. Maybe I am more of a Tequila person..lol I would gladly turn over whiskey in lieu of coinage for tax stuff... no wait, maybe I would need that drink after all. That Train Wreck of a thread made me sit on my hands. Sigh. Are you in-world MIA? I have discovered my Finn genetics translate into great Ski Jumping in SL. I guess it's in the fingers;-)

  5. "Better" is a purely subjective assessment. I like Glenfiddich's colour, its "hit" after the initial smoothness, and that it goes well with dark chocolate. I usually drink Irish, because it's normally better "value for money" in term of enjoyment per dollar, but I am not a whisky/whiskey Nazi - I have even been trying to find some rye whiskey over here (without much success) after I heard it did well in the 2010 awards.

    PS I am well into my second month of barosinusitis and not good company, so I am avoiding my friends to prevent them being positively alienated.

  6. I am assuming that you are referring to a specific brand of rye whiskey as I am sure Canada's Big 3 must be available there. Canadian Club, Gibson's Finest, and Crown Royal which comes in a lovely purple felt bag.

    The American Jim Beam is also rather well regarded.

    Unless of course your post is wry.

  7. I have always assumed that Canadian whiskeys are mainly corn, with a minimal touch of rye, whereas American rye whiskeys must be at least 51% rye - and that Jim Beam was a bourbon, although on checking I see that they produce a "Yellow Label" rye. The supermarkets here are pretty conservative regarding the range they stock and the off licence chain that used to be more imaginative went bust! I'll keep looking.

  8. Try Wild Turkey Straight Rye 101.


    I must warn you that Wild Turkey is pretty darn potent too;-)


    I love Bushmills myself due to the Irish Coffee addiction I adopted hanging out at the Buena Vista with some legal eagle friends.

  9. My researches uncovered that all-Rye Wild Turkey and also the Canadian Alberta Premium. Now I have to find a specialist shop in England that stocks them.

    PS And persuade my bank manager to let me have a loan to finance my imbibing.

  10. Pep, try the Whisky Shop who have excellent branches in touristy places in Scotland, but also do online orders.... http://www.whiskyshop.com/

  11. I am sorry but I must protest to the, I assume, deliberate mistake that has not been corrected.

    "superseded it with a hangover which I fell is my righteous adverse return"

    Pep must always be kept on the pedestal of grammar and spelling otherwise how will I continue to learn!

    Unless of course, fell is in reference to too many drinks on said pedestal.

    Yes, I am an SL forum lurker who rarely has anything interesting to say, even this post included :D

  12. I am delighted when anyone takes me seriously enough to read my words with some concentration. I have corrected the typo and welcome further interjections from yourself. I would also encourage you to participate in the forums; we desperately need more people who can express themselves coherently!