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Friday, 29 October 2010

Who would you like to meet from the forums?

Suspiria has started a thread asking who from the forums people would like to meet inworld. Well, I believe there is a Halloween party at the Hangout tonight and I might pop along so others can gaze upon the infamous Pep.

Maybe if Argus has a cake I'll jump out of it as my pinup avatar, or if anyone starts being rude to Cato again I'll put on my Beowulf avatar that Sus finds so ugly.

Hell, if she turns up we'll find out if her array of electronic writing aids allow her to carry on a conversation in real time, or whether there will be delays like they have talking to the moon. I think that Seicher went to a party held by Magnus and Sus didn't say anything, but that was probably because she was trying to read Seicher's profile, and fuming so much when she found me in it that she started gang-ARing Seicher's posts.

Or maybe I'll go along with my old man avatar and complain incessantly about the youth of today.


  1. I think we can dispense with the Leia/Seicher, please? I haven't posted as Leia in eons, Leia has been relegated to being a RP alt and she hasn't been in world in eons. Except for a brief time, due to RL issues, Seicher has always been my main avatar.

    Yeah, Sus stood in my general vicinity and he didn't say anything while at that party. Yes, it was coincidentally (?) immediately after that that my posts started having major problems. There were several people I suspected at that time, he was one for sure. However it was about that time that all of the Forum ARing started in earnest, so while the usual suspects are still suspicious I no longer "know" who is doing it or why.

    I thought I wasn't supposed to mention Forum things to you? :-)

  2. The idea of seeing Pep jump out of a cake might be interesting enough to come to the party tonight, although it starts at 3 AM for me...argh, that's horrible!

  3. There should be pictures somewhere of last time I did it, not long ago, at Chris Norse's birthday party.

  4. Ooooooooooooo I'll set the cake ball out then, where would you like it? Up on the Bar where we dance seems a good place.. I'll get right on that then. I'll be to the party after my 4-6 event at our club.

  5. I have them. Pep's wearing a thong and dress collar. My pics are before the party began officially but he was still cake jumping.

    Speaking of collars, Carole may have pictures of Leia kneeling before Pep as in sub & Master.

    I can't handle the two-facedness (I made up a word) of many of the people who will be at the party so I will miss meeting some of the nice ones so as not to be annoyed by the others. (I'm being repressed as to the words I wish to use instead of "others" in that last sentence.)

  6. I'm going to try to stay up late tonight, but I think I am coming down with a cold. I would like to be there because not only is Suspiria threatening to attend but Cato has told me that she is hoping to be there as well; if Daria and Jumpman turned up that could be one hell of a mixed doubles tagteam tournament.

  7. If I can stay up late enough, I may pop in too!

  8. Well, it was a very fun event. I missed you Pep. Did you use the cake? Had an Event of my own to host 4-6 but got to the hangout soon after. At one point the sim was at avatar limit and I took pictures hanging over the sea at Cora. LOL Pictures on Snapzilla http://www.sluniverse.com/pics/AlbumView.aspx?id=2777

  9. I was there before the party started with Caitlin, who was dancing dangerously around with a large syringe, and several others who didn't seem to be making much of an effort to dress for the occasion, but I was too tired to stay up just to personally mute Suspiria. I jumped out of the cake for practice, but no-one was there to take pictures.

  10. I RL-crashed at 4AM, put some pics on my flickr pages, for those who missed it. It was fun, but I was so tired I could hardly get myself to chat, so I quietly danced (typical wallflower-behaviour again). Oh, and I tried to sting people with the syringe.