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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Too Tired . . .

 . . . to attend the FC Halloween party that started 2am this morning. I did visit the hangout earlier on and chatted to Caitlin and a few of the non-forumites, but didn't get to meet Sus or Cato or even Tolya.

My party avatar did get to jump out of Argus' cake though, even if I had to cut it from the inside.


  1. I didn't turn up until 6pm SLT and was sorry to have missed you.

  2. That's ok though, we got some nice photos at my house today. They're up if you want to steal any :-)

  3. Just press stand, Pep;-) Unless you like hearing the AWB version of Cut-The-Cake in your head. Too bad you slept, it was a fun event.

  4. Damm, Haloween is really near a hoolyday in Brazil and I just used the time to see my sl partner on RL (we live in different states) so I missed all teh fun =/

  5. Hey, someone on the Offworld Forum is pretending to be you: http://z15.invisionfree.com/SL_Offworld_Forum/index.php?showtopic=67&view=findpost&p=51684

  6. I had a look in that "Offworld" forum (shades of Bladerunner?) and it seemed to be people whinging about the official forums and fighting to be moderators so they could censor each other - and when Suspiria was told she couldn't do it anonymously she said she didn't want to.

    (Or maybe she registered another alt who volunteered to do it?)

    Is the Pep in that forum me? I noticed that he suggested that he could be any one of a number of personae, none of whom are actually known to anyone in real life. So if you want to believe that that Pep is me, please go ahead. Believe I am Cato, ARazaroz and President Obama if you want, too . . .

  7. I prefer to believe that Pep is the illegitimate love child of Jean Brody and Christopher Hitchens.