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Thursday, 28 October 2010

LL Customer Care?

This is a comment publicly posted to a JIRA:

Brodesky Linden (Disabled) added a comment - 19/Oct/10 5:16 PM - edited
Why don't you stop wasting time and put in comments in the correct tickets. I filter (Ab's) emails to trash. Gmails makes that very easy to do.

As you can see, Brodesky's account has been "disabled" and apparently his employment with LL may have been terminated as well, although if he/she hasn't been moonlighting as a moderator in the GD forum then obviously LL might consider reassigning him/her with that attitude to customers!


  1. Brodesky was let go due to the fact he was moving to a state where LL would need to setup a tax trail/account for him. He was actually the one working longest and hardest on the new SLMarketplace so his departure is missed by the majority of the Merchants. His work ethic was great but his feather-smoothing skills as witnessed on that JIRA left room for improvement;-)

  2. Yeah, I saw the "explanation". Maybe LL might have thoght about paying the taxes if he had been a little more customer-centric. You do have to ask why he was allowed to talk to customers without a minder though. I have babysat several socially naive developers in my time.

  3. Funny.. when you work with LL as say a merchant and they are supplying a service for a minimal fee and you get to write JIRA's it makes ya feel as if you are part of the LL team as opposed to a customer. [A strange symbiotic relationship is created... or maybe I need to re-evaluate my feelings] I have seen enough crap thrown at LL in the JIRA, Merchant Group, Forums etc. that I am jaded about comments like the one he made. He once emailed me answering a question before the merger and that was very customer friendly of him to do. Perhaps he knew he was leaving, was trying to get a bunch of work done and that was a straw. It's always better to be part of a solution and not part of the problem. ;-) At least he was transparent... Heh!