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Saturday, 5 November 2011

I promised to remove this post if Celestiall was reinstated

So I have.

Pep (But the battle against the dickhead Community Manager continues)


  1. Banning Celestiall, who had no warnings prior to the permaban, is ridiculous. What, so she disagreed with the spamming of the new vamp subforum by 'Linden Lab'? I do not know the 'special Linden' attending the next CTUG meeting but I will be there. I have also PM'ed Rodvik and I know he reads the SLum.
    This is a prime example of putting one's dick in one's own mouth.

  2. Why does a dog lick his nuts?
    Because he can.

    That is the corporate philosophy of LL. And they have no trouble finding incompetent lackeys with shite for brains and a penchant for demonstrating same through their inappropriate administration of the forums and disregard for the user base.

    It is one thing to be thought a fool, quite another to open your mouth and remove all doubt. I have not had any doubts about LL and their minions for a long time now. Banning Celestiall is just another pebble on the scale.

  3. Oh! FFS! They perma banned Celestiall? PERMA banned? I can't even imagine. She is opinionated and she and I went around once about astrology (LoL) but banned?! She is one of those people who are helpful and knows things. I'm trying to recall anything she ever wrote that I read that would lead one to think she's the kind of person to permaban! Nada.

    Wow. Unless she went totally postal and off the rails this is just insane. Is LL trying to prove that yes, indeed, they can fuck things up even more? Just when people are muttering that, "LL can't fuck things up any more than this."

    @Venus: I would think that sticking one's dick in one's mouth would generally result in a more pleasurable outcome than this debacle...unless of course there is an amputation involved.

    Sorry Pep, I know you don't like the American habit of swearing but...FFS!

  4. I've seen them come and I've seen them go. Godspeed to this bitch.

  5. Well, maybe they want rid of all the "real" forumites, so they can carry on with their new technique of sending questionnaires to members of RP groups they wish to promote, and publishing the replies as a forum thread. Fake interviews are a bit passe' in RL publicity, but maybe for SL it seems innovative and edgy. Certainly it has the advantage of making your forums very easy to manage and ensures that everybody "posting" is waxing lyrical about the game and the company. Losing somebody like Celestiall does rather send the message that they'd prefer a less clever, more easily led clientele.

  6. It was you and all you that started the Rodvik SLum movement. I congratulate you on your efforts. I thank you as well.