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Saturday, 5 November 2011

In case it gets pulled . . .

 . . . after a complaint by Miss Ricci "Tool" ARazaroz to one of the weekend-shift hard-working mods, or more likely by the ex-Marketing Dickhead new Community Manager spending his weekend satisfying his justified paranoia, here is a little post my friend the American Investigator of Financial Irregularities just submitted:

I really do not understand what you people are all complaning about since although I did not see the post that got the miscreant permabanned I am sure that it was redolent with hatred for Vampires who are as everyone knows the sweetest beings to be found in Second Life and even more hatred for the misunderstood and hardworking moderation team and its new leader who are taking wonderful new initiatives to engender a little spirit in these dilapidated forums.

Bravado I say to the actions of these guardians of moral might! Bravado for executing their duties so fearlessly in removing from these forums someone who might have been considered a noisome plague since she joined, offering unacceptably thoughtful opinions in a manner which the less discriminating might consider "civilised". It's just as well the mods can see through that sort of deceptive sarcasm, isn't it!

So let that be a lesson to all you other posters who contribute views that do not conform with the marketing strategy of LL. Your transparent desires for education, information and entertainment, in contravention of the final paragraph of the Community Guidelines, must be constrained, or retribution will be exacted.

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  1. Sounds very similar to the rant of Suspiria: forum thugs, harassment, Rod save us, etc. As a matter of fact both rants are exactly the same.