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Ah, the irony! Rhonda Huntress said that, and she also said:

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Sunday, 4 September 2011

So who has more fun with their language?


Pep (theoretically can't contribute to this SL Forum debate but knows the correct word is alumium.)


  1. "Alumium"? You speaking ye olde English?

  2. Trust you to parse a "forum troll" thread.

  3. I would never pass a "forum troll" thread without commenting.

  4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alumium#Etymology

    "Two variants of the metal's name are in current use, aluminium and aluminum (besides the obsolete alumium)."

    LeeHere Absent said...

    "Alumium"? You speaking ye olde English?

    As old as Nick.

  5. Alumium? As in the chemical Al atomic #13? Al you min ee um? Or Al ewe min um? Or...typo you won't admit to?

    Oh my stars and garters, suspenders!

    The old troll may be posting phantasmal prose albeit once or twice removed, always remembered, but yet as the winter wheat pushes twisted and bent through the darkened loam, I have no doubt that Pep will braird as well.

  6. Ah. I should have read the "forum troll" thread before posting here. (Concept)

    I see the Al reference now.

    A troll is someone who corrects grammar? That's a new one.

    You know what came to mind when reading through that thread? "Twitter. These are Twitter posts." So, in reality, nothing came "to mind" it all just whooshed by, in one "ear" and out the other.

    Reading that thread (and accidentally hitting the wrong button and going into the next thread) and reading Lee's recent post about her frustrations on the SLF reaffirms everything I've said and thought about the "new" format there since its inception.

  7. /me quotes Marvin the Martian "Brace yourself for immediate disintegration!" ;-) ]Braces to the left suspenders to the right]

  8. I am more concerned with correctness than usage and abusage.

    Pep (So Alumium it is and will be.)

    PS It also has a much nicer, lighter ring to it than the other heavier, more metallic versions; you could probably do an extensive NLP thesis on the three options.)

  9. /me refuses.

    NLP requires more than one braincell. I'm fresh out. Although respecting your age, I prefer calling your usage of alumium obsolete still, Nick .. ;P

    Correctness was never my style.

    (Shut up, crowd ! )