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Monday, 19 September 2011

Lain's Lost It

Over at gV, the last refuge of those who have been banned from every other SL-associated forum, Lain(is/was/will be Bams) has completely lost it yet again, this time apparently permanently, raving on in a repetitively disgustingly phrased manner about her paranoia regarding ev0L who challenges her supposed rl existence on so many levels that you feel he must be pressing her/hist/its buttons by hitting the target in ways that he/she/it would prefer to suppress.

My own opinion is that Lain is a wannabe mtf transexual (you know, the other way around from Prok) stoned-brainless geek-in-a-basement who hasn't the balls (ambiguity intentional) to do something about it in rl, and as a consequence lives out multiple fantasy lives online (it is obvious that the molliative Bunnie persona is one way in which Lain attempts to divert attention from her rabid ravings in a continuously failing attempt at displacement sympathy) even if Larry, her adHICted claimed multi-usertroll attempt, was unmasked and dismantled as a result of its/his/her own incompetence.

I, having refused to return because I am unwilling to entertain the sweaty hordes of lurkers (on average there are four times as many "guests" as "members" in gV which is a ridculously high proportion in comparison with all the other SL-associated forums; why do you think gV has HUGE problems getting anybody to join apart from Lee's well-armoured mates from SLetc, Utherverse etc) by agreeing additional personal rules of engagement that are applicable to no other member (although it is nice to feel special in one way, I suppose) because when I got around them Nina/Earth/Oneofherotheraltmods would simply arbitrarily interpret the appallingly badly written guidelines to mean that pointing out the stupidity of one of the Founding Morons in words of two syllables or more was bullying ("it's not fair to mock the afflicted by using words they don't understand and can't find in the Urban Dictionary unless Pep has planted them there") or that it was harassment to post a contrary opinion when asked for one, especially if it was substantiated.

I lurk though, because I enjoy the entertainment of the idiots seeing me in every new joiner that posts something that isn't fawning ("he uses long words; it must be Pep" "she doesn't punctuate; it must be Pep trying to fool us" etc) and I especially enjoy the existential angst of those who find it surprising that gV attracts contentious posters when it was set up in the first place to accept as members those who other forums have found too contentious to allow continued posting rights. Lain comes across as a little girl who asks her mummy to make that nasty boy go away when all he is doing is playing in the unused lot with the kids she wants to impress but can't, because he has pointed out that she has no panties on.

Please keep posting public pleas to Nina, Lain. As is evident to everyone who participates - and all the lurkers - no-one has any sympathy for you, nor would they even if your deluded ravings about ev0L had any substance, and every time you complain you are laughed at and ridiculed. Nina won't do anything about it, because she knows that every time she bans someone or gives out an infraction to someone for justifiably pointing out that Lain should have had an infraction (Yeah, Cato, I may be The Shit, but I still appreciate your methods) she is making herself look more and more hypocritical and dissuading participation. Look at how many people said they would attend a gV Birthday party in the poll they had: 12! 'Nuff said . . .


  1. I only venture over there occasionally to lurk. The 'party thread' started by Jolene was a hoot because it quickly disintegrated into a slug fest (norm for gV).
    I cannot wait to see the photos from the festive event.

  2. gV = Lain

    gV sort of reminds me of stumbling into a trailer park. The welcome sign outside is pretty and colorful - like that of a seniors nursing home: "Welcome to Golden Meadows"

    Once you are inside you get the feeling you made a poor decision. The parents all congregate at the local pub knocking back 'cans' of miller lite; the kids are running amok and uncontrollable; the babysitter is stoned and asleep, and the place is filthy.

  3. The trouble is that you are right Storm, and whtever the intentions were for gV's culture (and it looked promising for a very brief period under Lee's championing - I won't call it evangelising) it has become polluted by Lain's desperate need to publicly demonstrate his/her/its inferiority complex aided and abetted by Nina's increasing unwillingness or inability to confront her, Lias and Clancy, who otherwise would have nowhere in forumspace to pump, or should that be pimp, their egos.

  4. I have slipped into lurking-mode too and I must say they deliver some entertainment in slow hours or when I want a laugh.
    It's like a soap opera!

  5. I've read far less gV than most, but what struck me immediately is the stated hope of 'recruiting' and 'inclusiveness'. The mouthiest of the inhabitants make a lie of that wishful thinking.

    0 to crazy in 3.2 posts.

  6. Amen, sister.

    (Observation, not disloyalty. For those watching from the cheap seats.) :p

  7. Anybody watching the *ahem* "warm welcome" new gV registrant, adult game reviewer, spammer and purveyor of filth* is receiving besides me?

    *Words from the thread, not my own.


  8. I swear sometimes it smells like panic in there. And sometimes it just smells like goats.

    (Another observation and not disloyalty. I truly wish it were otherwise.)

  9. I could not believe that new member Muze or , was that her name? Got jumped so hard as she did. I saw the OP and I never once took it as spam.

    Lain kicked her and Lias called her on posting her *personal links* posting saying she was too new to post her business link? I do not get it. Poor Kick, they sure turned on him fast and all he did was ....click the link.

  10. Even if Muze's post WAS initially promotional he/she came back to answer questions and it could have become an interesting discussion - but it was ruined by hyperhysterical bigotry as usual there.

  11. Nina stated point blank that gV was created for people like Bams.

    I don't think Nina is unable to confront Bams, but rather is happy and eager to have her there.

    Yeah, go figure.

  12. Well, if Nina is happy to give Lain more latitude than others to keep her there then the tumbleweeds are likely to be rolling through the place very soon as those who have other forums to inhabit stay away in their droves.

  13. Nina is not giving Lain latitude,
    Lain owns GV, she stated during the SCMKII banning debacle that she was going to start her own forum but pass it off to someone else to admin to be the face on it.
    The problem for them is that they know once people realized they have been duped by script kiddie like "Social Engineering" that they will leave in droves. People should be given the choice to make a conscience decision to join a forum owned by someone with such loose morals.