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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Jes' askin'

Erm . . . if it's been confirmed by DNA testing that the body supposedly buried at sea is Bin Laden, where did they get the original DNA sample to compare with the sample they took from the dead man - and tested faster than Abby can at NCIS?

UPDATE: Someone said that someone else said the comparison was made with a lady who someone else said was said to be Bin Laden's sister. Which means that the US are claiming that the guy killed was a relative of some sort of someone who someone claimed to be related to Bin Laden. Because everyone knows that the Bin Laden family and organisation are completely reliable - they swore on the Bible that they were telling the truth, didn't they! And it is self-evident that the American media, the CIA, the Navy Seals and Obama are completely unbiased in wanting someone they said was killed to actually be Bin Laden, of course.


  1. It was Bin Laden's sister's brain. The gov't "subpoenaed" it, after she died of cancer in Boston, for just such an occasion.

  2. Pep, they hired Abby;-) Seriously, it is possible to match DNA quickly by observing the genetic differences /"markers" [to the DNA at large that we all share commonly] to known family DNA samples. I suggest that the evidence gathered from the scene when viewed in total will be revealed faster and more transparently than Donald Trump's hairpiece/weave/implant/what-ever-it-is;-)

  3. Since bin Laden was reputedly one of fifty siblings with twenty or so children of his own, how could you have "99%" certainty that the dead man was one specific person? Especially when the body (if one existed) was very conveniently disposed of . . .

  4. Pep, a couple of his wives identified him;-) But feel free to doubt to your hearts content.