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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

"It's a game" - Official!

Miss Piggy's bff Roddikins has confirmed what I've been telling y'all forever. Live with it!


  1. Thank you for the link, it was an interesting article.

    It was also a bunch of twaddle!

    Personally, I found his constant reference to game design as "an art" and "art form" to be utter nonsense and a conceit. However, that was a minor annoyance.

    It was toward the end where he voiced his beliefs about THE turning points of the centuries that he takes the turn totally off the rails.

    THE turning point of the 19th C., according to Hubble is, "evolution, as a challenge to religion". That's just wrong on so many levels. "Evolution" and "religion" are not mutually exclusive, for one. For another, if the "challenge" was so monumental as to be "the turning point" then why are we seeing such problems worldwide due to the upsurgance of religious extremism and inter-religion intolerance?

    Moving to the next century "THE" turning point is believed by Hubble to be "the increasing understanding that humans are less and less important in the scope of the universe." If anything the evidence shows that humans think they are more important, more ego-centric, more short sighted, etc. This is what he thinks is "the" turning point of the 20th C?

    The turning point of our current century according to his world view? "Cognitive science suggests that we don't possess much, if any, free will."


    He hopes that games will help the latter by providing the player with choices! Because as we all know, in the real world outside of games, LIFE offers us NO choices. < /sarcasm >

    Not sure this is the guy or the article you want to cite to make ANY reasonable argument.

  2. Yeah, I know, Rod Humble not Hubble.

  3. "Look though the Hubble"!

    Pep (A blast from the past?)

  4. Pep, he never mentioned SL by name. There are games within the SL world: RP, FPS, Ski Jump, Hockey, futbol, etc etc. I get that you consider SL a game. Your World, Your Imagination, Your Choice. Your Game. Carry on;-)