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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

It gets better and better!

Nina is really losing it now. She will be the butt of a million jokes as her new infraction system circulates the internet, gathering hilarity as it goes, with lurkers coming to see the "anything goes" forum where new joiners are given penalty points as soon as they join!

PS Note how there is no mention of how long suspensions will be, nor how many penalty points you have to tot up to incur one.

PPS I think it's probably a good idea to stay away from gV until Nina either "does a Lecktor" or her medication kicks in.

PPPS Unless you are a masochist.

PPPPS Which of course, most forumites are.


  1. I finally wandered over there and read these.

    My, oh my.

    Anyone who posts to such rules has no business complaining about how the board is run.

    Not only is the system itself laughable and puzzling but the infractions as stated are meaningless. "Dramatising"? How is that defined, precisely, and by whom? Etc.

    Very silly. But if you post there under those rules then you have nothing to complain about if you get hit with infractions.

  2. It is meant to be vague so that it can be selectively applied, as indicated by people like Lias and Bams/Lain/Sybil who can do what ever they want on their legal or not.

  3. @ Lee...
    You caught that didja? :-)

    @evOL. Of course it is purposefully vague. Or, rather, I hope it is. If someone is writing it like that and thinks they are delineating something substantial, they have some problems. Honestly, why not just come out and say, "We moderate this as we see fit, like it or lump it."? Why the pretense of a system? Then when someone complains about being moderated, fairly or unfairly, the proper response is, "Because I said so."