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Ah, the irony! Rhonda Huntress said that, and she also said:

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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Isn't it confusing?

I thought Ima was in Miss Piggy's claque, but she has just gone and posted the following in Lexxie Linden's official Off Topic Forum starter thread:

"I do wonder why, now that the forum is all squeaky clean and moderated, those that wanted it this way did not come back to support that which they so desired? "

Pep (isn't waiting for Sus to turn up there to respond; they'll probably titter about it.)

PS Although MP did pop in to demonstrate her lack of a sense of humour by whinging about "favorites" [sic] in a thread about "virtual aggression".


  1. I was watching my daughter's budgies today. She got them before they were old enough to be sexed but it turns out she obtained a male and a female.

    They have both reached mating age and it appears the male is intent on copulating with the female. What he does is gouge himself and then regurgitate his food in order to prove to her that he will be a good provider for their offspring.

    Observing this behaviour reminded me of their clan. One of them speaks in an attempt to prove their worthiness to the others. It was like watching group sex until they chose to go underground.

    Post Cereal

  2. Now, Pep, this is entirely consistent with Ima's purge of her own flog. She posts dance machinima there now. Methinks she fancies squeaky clean these days. Well, this week.