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Thursday, 14 April 2011

I got banned!

Genn banned me - obviously for being jealous of me possessing a sense of humour - which she doesn't!

Oh, the sensitive soul said that the infraction was "harassment", rather than because I had criticised the moderation process (which of course I would never do) which suggests that no-one should be  rude to the mods or Amanda in case they get a doctor to sign them off work for undue stress.

On the other hand . . . 


  1. You got banned for saying something Groucho Marx either did or could have said?

    For how long are you banned?

    What does the banning notice look like? I'm jealous. This makes you so cool. I've only ever been banned from a D/s sim not a Forum!

    This was criticism of moderation? Well....I suppose. If you look at it sideways and squint a little. Unlike my slap on the wrist for "interfering with" the moderation process. I maintain that short of kidnapping a moderator it is impossible to interfere with the process if one has zero input into the system.

    FYI, I'm not reading your blog. Nor the new blogs you posted which have to do with the Forum and what could be loosely referred to as its "personalities". Just so you know...

  2. PS: Oops. I was multi-tasking when commenting. You said you got banned for harassment. That's amusing, for oh so many reasons. I think I should take my fellow PROOF POSITIVE Gang member Genn aside and say, "There, there, dear, you haven't begun to see harassment if you think this is it!"

    I'll try to read closer the next time. Maybe.

  3. This is sad. The whole moderation process is sad. I just don't get it.

  4. Awwww, going to miss your commentary on things.