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Friday, 22 April 2011

gV - a Failed Experiment in Delusional Multiple Personalities

I got banned from gV this morning, which is pretty convenient because the official forums suspension ran out yesterday, although I hadn't got around to popping in there as I was having so much fun in gV.

gV was founded by a bunch of dysfunctional but compulsive forumites who had either been forcibly evicted from SLU and/or SC2 or who had run out of patience with the fascist states that the owners enforced upon anyone that didn't toe the party line, ie kowtow to the owner or get disciplined. Supposedly leading this migration was the renowned Nina, a slavonic Australian kitchen tech who has achieved infamy historically as part of a Jill and Jill act (with a nasty lisping supercilious piece of work called Briana) and by getting banned from the most recent incarnation of the official SL forums twice in the time it took most others to find the secret "recent posts" list page. She whinged that it was unfair because she was advertising gV which is not a commercial site (trust me, it is NOT a commercial site) but actually she got banned for whinging.

There were a few other bitter forum veterans taking refuge there, some of whom realised early on that the supposed "Community Moderation" philosophy was merely an excuse for the co-owners to gang up on anyone who disagreed with them, and who moved on. You might recognise Lias from her historic complaining about the Bear Welcome Centre and anti-kid avatar cornfielding; Lain (was Bam) who lied, cheated and hacked (allegedly) her way through SC2 and Kid Cody (Dakota) who abandoned the official forums when he discovered that he had been completely pwned by li'l ol' me, after he had resorted to hiding behind the skirts of a female alt of mine when running away from Pserendipity's "wrath".

I wandered along there when Nina advertised its presence in the official forums, and after establishing my rightful (or should that be righteous) position in the pecking order I settled in to enjoy myself, primarily because Sex Goddess and Culture Geek Leehere Absent was acting as social co-ordinator.

Then, having had no moderator action for the first six months or so, a spurt of hysterionic (yes, a neologism devised by one of the semi-illiterate inhabitants) action saw a few posts deleted suggesting that the best therapy for Wasted (he turns up there occasionally when he wants personal abuse, rather than corporate displeasure) might be to make him a moderator. This caused some concern, but was passed over as a loose cannon mod (oh, yes, Grady was there too) being under too much chemical stimulation - these things happen. A forum monster called VirtualVllageIdiot (no, the typo is his) started raging at the dying of the light and had a dirty picture deleted from a thread where dirty pictures were allowed which served to enrage him more. Lias got pissed off because everyone started taking the piss out of her by starting threads with exactly the same name as threads she started and the mods started to move threads willynilly into NSFW nodes which meant that Lias couldn't follow them in case her clients spotted the fact that she was concentrating on the forums rather than their problems.

Then the idiot-liar Lain (was Bam) cocked up and admitted that a fairly senseless but prolific tittering poster called Larry was actually a construct used by several other members to advertise her website and harass the forum generally. The "owner"/chief moderator Mars (generally recognised now as Nina) decided they couldn't cope and appointed a more active mod, Earth who was sent packing because of her inadequacies pretty quickly.

And I kept calling for Mars/Nina to confirm that she nor any of the other co-owner/moderators were involved in the Larry fiasco. She wouldn't, probably because they were, and my persistence so annoyed Nina, Lain and Lias that I got summarily banned this morning, with no official explanation (other than "SHOVE OFF") nor was any official explanation offered to the gV Community.

I'd be delighted to receive comments regarding Nina (who I feel sorry for, since she seems to be having a depressive breakdown, initiated by her paramour Briana leaving her towards the end of February - after calling her an "ugly liar"; in fact, if anybody knows the whereabouts of Briana, who seems to have closed down her usual communications outlets, please let us know so we can fill her in on her ex's problems) Lias, Lain (was Bams), Grady, Tarzan, Cody (Dakota), Colleen, Bunnie or gossip relating to any of the rest of the old gV clique. It'll make a change from those boring old stories about Miss Piggy, anyway.


  1. hehe, cool summary!
    I guess all this will keep some people busy in the coming long weekend! Beats egghunting for me anyway!

  2. I knew Lias very early in my SL as bladyblue boomerang. I believe that blady was the alt; I did not meet Lias for several weeks. blady/Lias owns Voodoo Lounge, once a thriving club before the ban on sploders. I learned to DJ there and worked as a DJ for a few weeks until she banned me and a good friend for stepping in one evening when there was dead air (a major 'no-no' for a club) and played music/hosted until the regular deadbeats who were supposed to be there showed up. For that, we were banned. Oh well...boo hoo. SL life goes on.

  3. You've been busy.


    Are you planning on seeing how many forums you can get banned from in a month?

    /me just looks up at the post, smiles, giggles and wanders away for now.

    I'm busy posting to my super-secret-by-invite-only-blog in which I've recently dished some juicy details about a certain fella. He's surely gonna go to hell for his antics.

    I know you are enjoying yourself, you old troll. Don't forget to feed the goats and sheep.