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Friday, 22 April 2011

An Apology!

ETA Since I posted the words below, the Administrator of gV has removed Carpet Muncher completely, stating that "i hope this clears something up: yes, alts are detected rather well." Sorry guys, you have crucified an innocent man. I mean that most sincerely, and it will embarrass you hysterionic females even further when the truth is revealed.

Congratulations to Ev0l on such an effective impersonation. It's funny that they thought Carpet Muncher was me, but recognised your Annonymouse Alt as you. Great alt catcher eh?

I feel that I should make an apology to a gV member, newly signed up at that forum today, who was wrongly quarantined within minutes of arrival because the paranoid authorities thought he was me. Poor Carpet Muncher apparently behaved in a very similar fashion to me, starting a thread which suggested that the module Earth was not worthy of confidence, and reporting drama-provoking posts in No Drama threads. How dare he "imposture" me! And so soon after I had been banned too. Mars, Earth, Deimos . . . you should note that you got the wrong guy: Tarzan is my alt there.

(Oh hell, I've spoiled it now. Tarzan is pretty obviously not my alt, as anyone with half a brain could work out. Which excludes Tarzan and Colleen, obviously.)


  1. Anonymoose is banned too, sheesh..I can't even run to the supermarket without missing a ban!
    I wonder who will be next, at this rate the forum will be empty over the weekend!

  2. Carpet and Anonymoose were both me :D

  3. Carpet and Anonymoose were both me :D
    funny that their Leet alt detector-a-tor
    assigned Anony to me but gave the credit for Carpet to Pep.

    I wonder If I had represented the other side would I have been banned, prolly not.

  4. Despite Lias assertions because of the Avatar, Carpet Muncher was not me.

  5. I googled Carpet Muncher Picture to get the av, it was in the first few hits.. ignore it Luc... its just their paranoia.