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Friday, 29 April 2011

Don't you love it . . .

. . . when a plan comes together? Scylla posted one of her silly Richard Parkes diatribes against Furries (well, it's Friday isn't it) and since my current cause celebre is the idiot moderators not only deleting posts without informing the original poster, but actually publicly admitting that the posts did not contravene any Community Guideline (are you listening Nina; it isn't just you and Leck; does that make you feel better?) which made them look really stupid, and Amanda as well since she obviously didn't know what embarrassing stunts her new Mod, Joanna Gangbang, was up to, I RICked - I admitted it in the thread - Scylla for what Ossian calls "Well disguised intolerance and harassment". Well, actually, I told them in the RIC that the thread didn't break any Community Guideline but suggested that they should delete it because it would probably make a few furries spew up the pigeons they had eaten for breakfast.

The Moronic Mods fell for it hook, line and sinker. Scylla's ironic/sarcastic/sardonic/satirical thread was cut off in its prime, Shakespearean pun and all, by a moderator who obviously couldn't penetrate the underlying meaning of the polysyllabic prose for which Scylla and her alts are famous. Venus has more ammuniition to return to the CTUG next with, to offer Amanda as further proof that the Moderators are being hypersensitive to a tiny minority of  overemotional forumites (there was not time between Scylla posting, my RICking and the thread being pulled for hardly anyone else to RIC it) and operating a fascist tyranny of moderating by instinct. Does that sound familiar Nina/Mars/Jez/Earth? Oh, and I am laughing both sides of my face.


  1. I am not surprised, in the current environment, that a mod would pull a thread based upon (in this case 'fear of') riling a sensitive minority. Well-disguised, indeed.
    I hope no one chokes on feathers.

  2. I think you probably need to read some PSA posts on cyber-bullying. I know they are long but you appear to need edification.

    PS Sorry I missed it. I could only do so much goofing off at work while the boss was away. So much goofing off potential, so little time.

    I assume you caused an upsurge in the tittering contingency. I assume you are concerned.

  3. I downloaded the picture of the spaniel over there btw --->. So cute!

  4. Get the DailyPuppy.com gadget for Google (personal page or for Blogger).

    PS Cyber-bullying has nothing whatsoever to do with bullying, and everything to do with using electronic means to annoy people. It is why I always have my mobile phone switched off.

  5. o.O Pep it means that the Mods trust your judgement and have no sense of irony or silly. ;-)

  6. Your "Deleted Posts" thread got whacked as well.
    I apologize for contributing to its demise by "harassing the mod team". Unfortunately, some people invite abuse and I always accept those invitations.
    Were you notified?
    I wasn't.