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Saturday, 30 April 2011


Well, as expected, the Moderators did not take kindly to my highlighting of their decision to delete posts and threads which offended their personal sensibilities, rather than break any Community Guideline - and to demonstrate that they were operating as loose cannons, independent of the instructions of their boss, Amanda, they have decided to ban me outright, with no previous warnings (see, Nina, it isn't just you!) for a non-existent, made up offence which doesn't actually exist in the Community Guidelines. Yes, why don't you see if you can find "Disruption" in the Community Standards. You won't.

Presumably, Mike Moderator has decided to gag me (apparently the whole "Disappearing Posts" thread has disappeared, which is a nice self-referential example) before I embarrass the team even more, probably because the newer, sensitive additions to the team (was it me, or did one naive and overly honest soul name herself after the new future Queen of England) were personally upset at having their jobs potentially put on the line by exposure of their incompetence. Or maybe Amanda's job is on the line because she can't control her team. Or maybe Amanda's job is on the line because she keeps being responsible for public relations disasters. You decide. Perhaps you would like to ask her at the CTUG why I got banned without warning by a bunch of bent forum cops who fabricated not just evidence, but a whole new crime!

Pep (Or maybe they did it out of spite because I demonstrated how manipulable they were with their new philosophies, by reporting Scylla's post, not because it infringed any Guidelines, but because someone might get upset by it; go figure!)

PS I am receiving reports of new offences which the Moderators will be acting upon, such as "smoking illegal substances while posting", which is not the sort of thing which LL want to promote. It may be that you have some ideas regarding these unwritten rules. Let me know and I will put together a canonical list.

PPS I suppose they will have a torrent (of perhaps two or maybe even *gasp* three posts on SLO now!)


  1. Ah the old disturbance in the Force rule of Moderation. Move along, there's nothing here for you to see. These aren't the droids you're looking for" ;-)

  2. /me is running out of her entertainment snacks of Chex Mix and Guinness.

    Btw, it has now been CONFIRMED with Internet PROOF that Ima, in addition to being a doctor of clinical psychology is also a famous defamation lawyer. I'm sure she's able to practice internationally. It sounds like you could use some top-notch assistance so you might want to check into her practice. I meant her legal one!

    I knew I woke up too early this morning for a reason. I checked into the blogosphere and haven't stopped laughing.

    So is this a permaban? (Serious question.)

  3. Watch out for Charolotte Caxton; I reckon she is an alt provocateur/AzARoz rerisen. The entirely reasonable responses I gave her regarding multiple personality/dissociative identity disorder (in http://secondlife.lithium.com/t5/Lifestyles-and-Relationships/Relationship-with-your-avatar/td-p/837365/page/5 ) were deleted without explanation. Miss Piggy's phoenix from the ashes, or perhaps gNat?

  4. It's not a permaban, only two weeks, which is fairly convenient because my son's GCSE exams start in a fortnight and a couple of days of my assistance appears to be worth one or two grades in each subject to him - much to the annoyance of the teachers who have struggled to get his attention for the last two years.

  5. Oh, this post made me take a look in SLO (I did not even know it still exists)and found out Raul calls me your partner in crime. Tsk, what crime are we talking about?

    Anyway, you got banned eh? If you need me to post an appeal somewhere, just let me know :P.

  6. Pep is it supposed to show your IP address?

  7. I doubt that Charolotte is an alt of MP because Ms. Caxton has been in the Answers area both asking and answering questions. If it were Sussy, her 'answers' would all be in the form of youtubes or dancing emoticons. However, C.C. might be bucking for an invitation to the LTL group.
    @Quinn, Lillie, et al, are you listening?

  8. Actually, disruptive is covered under 'No Flaming'. Plus the 'We Moderate at our Discretion' bit at the bottom is a catch all for whatever they want to do. Interestingly, Amanda did not quote that bit in the recent CTUG but she may do next week.

  9. Come now, Pep. Aren't you one of the "gang of Forum thugs"? One of Amanda's "favorites"? This must be just some of the "token punishment" that Sus has been warning all of the Forum Innocents of all along, designed to conceal Amanda's dark plan.

    I don't recall being notified before of posts poofing when the whole thread was removed, though it would be nice to know when individual replies are. I've only received one such notice since the migration to Lithium, and that was a warning, concerning one of at least two that were pulled. More of the "token punishment," I have to assume, as it merely referenced a Biblical quote. Something about suffering fools gladly.

    But then again, maybe my PMs from the mods have been going the same way as all of those Hit Squad memos I've yet to receive.

  10. Thank you for your concern Sera, but if you look up the IP address shown it suggests that I live somewhere in Illinois, which is a considerable way from Milton Keynes.


  11. I'm glad to hear that Pep....mind you the fact that you live in Milton Keynes gives me even greater cause for concern...*runs*