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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Does anybody know Jez? Except Nina, that is.

Nina's blathering continues.It becomes increasingly clear that she got butthurt because I exposed her inadequacies, not as Mars, but as Earth. Thank you, Morgaine, for your post over at SLU enabling us to pierce the double-duplicitous deception that Nina has perpetrated (it seems Larry was but an amateur) admitting that she is Mars, and that Earth is Jez, but failing to provide the final link in the chain, that Nina is Jez as well. Would you like to deny that, Nina? Does anyone else have any familiarity with Jez, or the person she might be? Speak up now!

Nina talks about harassment, bullying and intimidation. I will repeat that you cannot harass, bully or intimidate anyone on the 'net, but I will acknowledge that they can feel harassed, bullied or intimidated. If you are the owner and ultimate authority of a forum, what sort of person are you if you feel harassed, bullied and (most particularly) intimidated by someone who has no power in those forum, other than the power of words? Sorry, Nina, you are increasingly sounding pathetic, and your own behaviour appears intended to generate feelings of harassment, bullying and intimidation in me. Sorry, you have failed. I won't retract my previous apology to Earth, because it is entirely accurate. It is just that the object of my pity is you, not some other poor, hapless wench who I thought was having ideas above her station.

And in case anyone wants to know WHY I told Earth to GTFO of a thread in which she was behaving like some puppy-like ESLer doing a PhD in cutting-and-pasting in the official SL Answers forum, here is what she said her role was in her introductory statement:

1. to provide an example of what an interface module is, how it functions, what it does/does not do, and what is to be expected of any additional interface modules.
2. to demonstrate how modules are used to undertake dealings in governance.
3. to respond to questions regarding the community standards, to maintain the standards in the forefront by indicating when they are being disregarded, and to ensure they are respected and the various nodes are used as intended.

She also said: "This module is not intended as a social vehicle though. There is a professional standard that I must adhere to."

I don't think any of this really covers pointing out where people can find the Members list, does it?

PS In case anybody might think that I am the only one who had doubts about Earth's capabilities, what about this?

Mars, I stand by my claim in a previous thread that Earth appears to be incompetent as a moderator. Earth is patronizing, antagonistic, clearly unable to comprehend reasonable parameters for a governance discussion, and apparently unable to follow his own defined rules.You want community input? Get rid of whomever is running Earth. If Earth is your alt, consider actually getting someone else.

Hmmmm, might that be considered, prima facie, "harassment, bullying and intimidation"? I wouldn't say so, and apparently Nina/Mars/Earth/Jez don't think so either, as Love hasn't even had a warning.

PPS After the deletion of my posts suggesting the nomination of a moderator in a governance thread about moderation, I didn't receive any warnings via PM, notices of infraction warnings nor notices of infractions, nor did any of my posts get deleted or moved.

PPPS Sorry for boring those of you who would prefer extended humiliatory taunting of gNat or MP here; I would prefer to post my Appeal Defence in gV itself, but I am banned from posting there, of course . . .


  1. I have not read anything in gV in weeks so most of the names you mention and the activities of the moderators do not ring any bells. Earth? Mars? I recall Nina..she was banned from the SL forum once or twice after it restarted. Jez? Humm..sort of rings a bell. If all of these names are controlled by the same operator it is a major cluster fuck going on over there.

    /me eyerolls

  2. There are only like 3 or four members on GV the rest are all alts.

  3. A slight exaggeration perhaps, ev0L, but I do take your point, especially as a number of the gV accounts are yours.

  4. So not true Lee, two were deleted by admin, unfairly I might add, considering they did not receive infractions :P

  5. Oh no! Alt abuse! Someone's treating them like expiring replicants. Why there oughtta be a law.