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Friday, 4 March 2011


I find it most amusing that this is the word used to describe the marginalising levels of corporate approbation bestowed upon individuals for unspecified and unsubstantiated services to LL.The algorithm for calculation of the transfer level can have nothing to do with the number of posts in the Jive forums, as Forum Pep was in the top five posters overall, yet would be a mere nonentity of a Resident in the unlikely event that he should reconsider his decision not to participate further, other than in extremis. We shall have to see how this works out, Storm having driven a major hole through the critical differentiation of Resident and Member by persuading Lexie to allow anybody to post videos, something which must have Miss Piggy wanting to commit suey-suey-suey-porcicide.

I must admit that my biggest disappointment has been Suella, who has dropped her figurative knickers and bent over to accommodate the corporate philosophies, even when she has previously admitted being against them - only to find (as in her u-turn about the advisability of having an Off Topic forum) that the Lindens are quite happy to make her hypocrisy look really stupid. I think we should discourage Suella from further socialising with us rabble; stick to your fellow minions arselickers, dear!

PS You do realise that "rank"  is an epithet used for anything particularly disgusting or foul, don't you.


  1. I see I am going to have to brush up on my porcine adjectives.

    I am ashamed to have to admit that I am now a rank Member. I received the IM of my offensive ascension today from Lexie bot.

    It seems I have been too helpful in the Answers section, having provided 5 solutions, and possibly in conjunction with minutes online and posts read.
    I only have started 1 topic and only about 340 posts and yet I am now beginning to detect the corporate stench emitting from me. I do prefer the new colour even if it brings no added privelages to speak of.

    /me goes to take a hot shower

  2. Tsk tsk, Pep. Your comments on Suella are uncharacteristically uncharitable.

    The ranking system is every bit as puerile as you suggest -- but for that very reason, I think it's probably easy to overestimate the impact that the "status" they confer is having on people like Suella or Suzy.

    Surely no one is taking any of this stuff seriously?

  3. It serves you right for frequenting the Answers section. If you insist on hanging around in there looking for naive and gullible prospects to impress and seduce then you might at least have the sense to use a pleasure alt.

  4. @Derek: you do know your Member-rank is a real crime now?

  5. Sorry Scylla, you can't run with the fox and hunt with the wolves. Suella is behaving more like I would have expected Miss Piggy to! There is more to come as well. Tears before bedtime!!!!!!

  6. Scylla wrote:
    "I think it's probably easy to overestimate the impact that the "status" they confer is having on people like Suella or *Suzy*.
    Surely no one is taking any of this stuff seriously?"(my emphasis * added)

    This *must* be sarcasm. Please, tell me it is.

    Points Scylla to Caits blog, and Pep's previous post about The Queef, MP's petulant response to *having* to use her Finucane.

  7. @Cait
    God I know!
    How can the Viscomte de Vitriol also be acknowledged for his congeniality?
    My shame weighs on me no end.

  8. I do take the rank system (read that as an adjective if you will) quite seriously, but only insofar that I'd do everything to remain a simple, orange resident.

    On the Jive platform, I used to answer questions in SLA and in the German forums every now and then. But those times are over. I wouldn't want to look like an ass kisser.

    For this reason, I'd like a little more transparency in regard to the rank system. How can I best avoid becoming one of LL's minions? Is not being helpful and avoiding the kudos-infested areas all that it takes?

  9. @Derek: it is obvious you (and all other * Members* - except one) have 'gamed' the Answer section to reach your Member-rank. It is outrageous and it has to stop!