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Friday, 4 March 2011

Poor Old Miss Piggy

She is *sooooo* out of step with the new Lithium forums. Her posturing about moderation and strict enforcement of topic content has proven an embarrassment when Lexie revealed her hand regarding the Off Topic (Residents Only - next change is to provide a more closely monitored Adults Only area) subforum.

And she is being forced by her vanity to recant on her statements from before the inter-regnum that she would not be returning. It was fairly obvious that she was intending to use her Suspiria Resident alt for the forums, to give her a certain flexibility of action so that any disciplinary action would not compromise her inworld main, Suspiria Finucane.

But the status of Member - essential to Miss Piggy because it allows posting of videos, without which she would be gobsmacked, dumb-founded and tongue-tied most of the time - was conferred on the Finucane identity, but it appears that the negotiations she has referred to - doubtless related to her transferring that "rank" (now *there* is a polysemous word if ever there was one!) - must have broken down, with the Lindens unsuprisingly refusing to create a precedent which might mean others demanding transfer or combination of their multifarious alts' forum "credits".

So she is in a bad mood (she has walked close to the line regarding any discussion of identifying alts, now a specifically proscribed topic because of the Redzone debacle) and is the only person I have seen so far who has come close to inappropriate argument (we'll ignore Prok, who is arguing in her own little vacuum) continuing to bitch about her lack of recognition by the Alphaville Herald (it's a dead issue Sus, and all that will happen is that you have now set yourself up as a target for unsympathetic ridicule next time there's a contretemps) and running a snotty "rank" (heheheh) flag up on her sig which has surprisingly caused Storm to lose it a little - don't get emotional, Storm, we all noticed, and laughed at her, and it's not worth getting yourself disciplined for.

Pep (intends to have a quiet word with Lexie about having a quiet word with Miss Piggy.)


  1. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Everything-Else/Why-are-some-people-started-at-a-higher-status/qaq-p/704319

    This is the post where I first noticed Snooki complaining about being Resident. She obviously went whining with her LL issued knee pads and got it changed.

    The badge pic is too funny. Always the persecuted one.

    And her gall at mentioning the Hippiestock article is astonishing, referring to it as biased reporting, or reporter, cant remember. In either case her reactions are the most damning indication of what her actual motivations were, as I pointed out in my letter to the Herald.
    A pissy little child who thinks in her ego- centricity that the world is here for her.

  2. In the meantime, Storm talked to Lexi and now everybody can post Youtube Vids, it is no longer for privileged Members of Higher Ranks only!