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Saturday, 15 January 2011

The return of Cato

I see that Cato has popped up in the forums again, and started off yet another round of Pep=Cato.

OK, confession time. I created both the Cato Badger and Wasted Venom accounts for a similarly mischievous SL friend (with a slightly different view on the way in which to draw attention to the inconsistent moderation practised by LL in the GD forum) that wanted alts with interesting names and trusted my imagination. The reason I was so sure that LL had imposed an IP rather than an account ban was because Cato was still able to log in from her PC on the East Coast. This was reinforced because it was actually Cato (or rather, the person behind Cato) that had posted as Wasted Venom, not me. LL obviously banned the initial IP rather than IPs used to post, which is perhaps how Wasted was able to keep participating in the forums: create alts at work/cybercafe and post at leisure at home.

I must say it rather amuses me when "evidence" is posted in the forums that I am Cato. Our close but tenuous relationship was documented even more fully in a thread where I explained how we had jointly investigated the Jive support forums and posted a request for further information regarding anti-spam facilities in Jive forums - a request which was never answered, by the way.

So feel free to giggle when you see someone "rushing" to up her post counts by stating that Pep=Cato, or when "mad" others with identity problems of the own post screenshots which mess with their minds.

It aint' me. But we are having fun.

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