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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Culturally challenged?

I see Sus is attempting to emulate the British self-deprecatory ironic sense of humour.

And failing.

Apart from not being able to identify any "archaic" words in XiuLan's post (maybe Suspiria thinks that every word that she does not immediately understand - like "analogy", "apathy", or "rhetoric" must be out of current use) she seems to have a significant misunderstanding of century labelling, much like I did until I was about six, believing that the "18th Century" refers to the years 1800-1899, whereas as any fule do no it is 1700-1799. Or perhaps she actally has an English thesaurus that predates the acknowledged first modern one (we'll ignore the Greek and Sanskrit "treasure troves") compiled in 1805 by Peter Mark Roget, which was published in 1852; I understand that Russians claim to have invented everything before the West.

Oh and Sus: it may be news to you but XiuLan claims to be a NewYorker, and although many consider that they are an alien culture they could not really be accused of being ESLers. Unless she's from Brooklyn, of course.

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