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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Two Minute Warning

I see that people are complaining about not being allowed to post to the LL official forums within two minutes of a previous submission. That must really screw up all those with not much to say except "Me too!", eh?

Also, I wouldn't have thought that it would bother those forum participants who put their posts through translation, spell check and thesaurus software in a desperate attempt to sound as if they understood the English language culture - but then, they might be "rushing" . . .

And to all the others I would suggest that you have no excuse for not spellchecking your submissions!


  1. I complained a tad about the 2-minute rule for two reasons. I have posted to the Arts Forum and it was under siege from the $L spam. I was trying to bump the legit posts and had to wait the 120 seconds to do it. Since there were several legit posts to bump it was an annoying inconvenience.

    In a related kvetch I noted that while the 120 seconds was thwarting me in my attempts to bump posts, it in no way bothered the spammers. I think enacting the 120 second rule was a pretty lame attempt at blocking the spam as is indicated by the spam still showing up. The Arts Forum was just buried.

    I have a hard time understanding why LL, located 50 miles north of all things computer Silicon Valley and being the operator of a sophisticated 3D virtual environment has found so many ways it cannot effectively moderate its own Forums.

    Thank you for dropping your vocabulary back down from the stratosphere since it is once again pre-coffee time at the keyboard.

  2. I have not experienced the 2 minutes waiting time myself, but then again, I am not a serial-poster!

    Not sure if it stops the spam-bot, as they are still there and probably found a way around it.

    It may stop impulsive posts, giving people some more time to think about what they wrote perhaps?
    And also: it gives you more time to google for the appropriate Youtube-clip, if you lack words!